Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New house!

Boy oh boy... moving was harder than I anticipated!

For now lets get on to showing you around our new home!

I had the front door painted red because it just MUST have a red door!

Living Room
 I do wish it was a little larger so that the sofa didn't have to rest against the built in but the computer really serves as a hub and we use the laptop or iPad for most of our internet usage anyway.

Dining Room
 Whoops, forgot to move a few things out of the way! The chandelier isn't my taste but that is something I can work on. Logan looked at it and said "Happy Birthday!"... yeah the candles are a bit much kid.


I am enjoying the large pantry for sure.

View from Kitchen over the breakfast table to the Den/Playroom

I am still working on storage in here but I wanted this space to be comfy and fun. That's why I loved the yellow cabinet and orange side table (in photo above).

From Den to Kitchen
I am loving this open floor plan because earlier today I was cooking dinner and Logan was playing in his Den and it was nice to hear him and see him!

Loooong hallway!

Logan's Room
 This room has tons of shelving, actually a little too much! It's also the only room I didn't paint....

Master Bedroom

View from our Bed

Guest Bedroom. complete with fish....

Back of our house.
We are iffy on the "as seen on TV Sunbrella canopy!" But it does keep the sun out of the back of the house which helps with the heat.

This is the view from the Den. Hello Pool!
Putting in that safety gate was the best thing we did. Now I don't have to hover over Logan all the time when he is outside.

That's about it! We finally have 2 bathrooms, which I forgot to photograph. The shower is really open in the master - lee even gets water everywhere! We may put up a curtain. I don't really like being so .... exposed.... while showering!

Logan did wonderfully with the change. He only cried a little the first night and after that he doesn't seem phased. I think having the same bed and everything helped really show him it's his room and it's safe.

Have a great week!