Thursday, June 28, 2012

Absense Makes the Heart - wait Hello?

So sorry I have been absent these days. Life is moving at lighting speed and stopping to even take a photo is impossible.


We still have a hole in the ceiling but it will be patched up next week before we go to Hawaii!

We also know 2 or 3 other people with water damage holes in the ceiling. It's like an epidemic.

So far this summer we do a lot of:

Water Hose play:

Sleeping in funny places:

Hanging out in a T-shirt:

Little baby parrothead!

 And going to baseball games (roof closed thank goodness!)

 Every weekend is an adventure for sure.

I will do my best to get on the ball with blogging soon. Let's patch the hole and get back from vaca first maybe?

I still cook, almost every night, but it's a lot of repeats so I don't' want to further bore you with all that!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Where we sleep

I saw that Tiffanie was participating in Kelly's Where You Sleep series, so I jumped in too!

Our house is tiny.

TINE.... EY.

So when you cram a King Size Bed, Dresser, and Armoir into a room, it results in this:
Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Silver Chain

In which I have to turn sideways to get to my side of the bed.
This is exactly what our room looks like RIGHT NOW. I took the photo and uploaded it in the same 5 min (hey the baby is napping, time is scarce!) I actually made the bed today, there is crap on the dresser, scarves I can only wear 1 month of the year on the armoir door, and the blinds are up for the cat. I think piglet is also in the window thanks to Logan this morning. Hey - I try to be real with you folks.

My favorite part of our bed are the sweater pillows. I found them on a whim at West Elm.
The coverlet is from Target and I love how thin it is since I am a radiator at night, not to mention body heat from Lee, 2 dogs, and a cat.
See why we have the King size?

The Guest Room, if that's what you call it, is only big enough for a twin bed - so we have a trundle as well.
It has our computer in there and the closet is full of shelving which houses my appliances (mixer, etc). Normally, there is crap (i.e. laundry I don't want to hang up) on the bed.
With the trundle out
 Donald re-painted the night stand and we put some knobs on it from anthropologie. My mom has since left various things in the drawers, since this is essentially her room...
There you have it. Someday maybe we will move to a larger house, but for the next year at least, I will have to turn sideways to get to my bed...


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Happy Father's day Daddy:

Though our relationship is strained due to a third party, not a day goes by that I don't think about you and want to tell you about my day. I hope as the days and months go by you can begin to be in my life again and get to know your grandson - who looks a lot like you.
You are the reason for my love of all things Parrothead, peanuts in my Coke, and a well cooked pot roast, as well as few choice sayings.
I love you more than you know and I miss you even more than that.

Happy Father's day Tony:
It's rare that a man walks into your life with such an open heart and soul, taking you on as his own without hesitation.
Wisdom and wit are abundant in you. Always up for fun and excitement, rarely a complaint.
My life would not be the same without you and all you have done for mom and I.
I love you and your Buckwheat tie...

Happy Fathers day:
To my two dads.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wino Wednesday

While I am feeling whiney, I thought I would post about a recent wine find instead.

Donald's job on Thursday nights is to bring the wine. Knowing he chooses based on labels means it's about a 50-50 shot on it being good.

This last time, he knocked it out of the park!

We have only had the Chardonnay but it's simply wonderful, and only about $12.

When reading the label I found out it is a wine collaboration with Dave Matthews, which I found interesting.

There is a bottle of Cabernet on the table we will try out tomorrow with the brisket I am putting in the crockpot. I refuse to use the oven until the hole in my ceiling is fixed.

Sorry for the silent blog lately. Between the house stuff and work stuff, I am just about all worn out and have started reading again. I'll be back to normal soon!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Sky is Falling!

Actually, the ceiling...

Thursday night I was cooking dinner and we noticed water dripping around one of the can lights.


My tiny friend Christi hopped up into the attic and said she heard a hiss over by the corner where the sink is.

Sure enough, there was a nice brown spot on the ceiling above the window.

We call the A/C guy - he says it's not that b/c all our A/C components are out in the garage.

We call a plumber and they get to our house at 10pm. He crawls up there and says oh yeah - everything is soaked - there is a pinhole leak in the galvanized pipe.


While he is up there fixing it - the ceiling starts to crack.

And then...

It all fell in.

The plumber was fine, he was on the joists. Our theory was that his weight was just the final straw for the soaking wet drywall.

After he left we cleaned it up the best we could and went to bed.

The next day we had someone out cleaning out all the rest of the wet stuff and starting the drying process.

The hole before it was cleaned up

The fix - a clamp on the pipe

What we will see for the next few weeks...
Now we are doing the insurance thing and waiting to get it all fixed up.

We are also going to replace all the horizontal galvanized pipe in the house because we figure where there is one pinhole leak - there could be another...

In the meantime, the grill is our new kitchen so that we can keep heat out of the house. We have grilled some wonderful meals - including this BBQ Chicken Pizza:

Hope everyone else is having a better week!!!