Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Fit, Healthy, Balanced Life

Yesterday someone asked me "Didn't you used to have a blog? Why did you stop writing in it?"

My first response was "Time. Content. I didn't think anyone cared that I made tacos for dinner. Again."

This started me thinking... what should I do to get back to this place where I have been documenting our lives for the past several years?

I suppose I have to solve the above reasons for stopping first.

Time: Writing the posts and putting them together takes time. With all we have going on these days, sitting down to organize my thoughts seems daunting. When can I write/think so that I am not feeling guilty that there is laundry to fold and dishes to put away...

Content: Today we went here, did this, and then that. Over time I have felt this is a little mundane.

Today I realized I have something that I care a lot about that I can use as the framework to my little space on the internet:  Healthy Family.

I not so long ago wrote out all that I have been trying/doing with Logan since his ADHD diagnoses last year. You can recap here: Changes in Eating

Since then. the changes have taken over the entire house and I have really gotten into holistic health as well.

I am working on myself, getting in shape and losing weight.

Going forward I believe I will not only write updates on our family life, since this is a great way to keep up with everything, but add posts about items I care about.

Clean Eating
Essential Oils
Healthy Recipes

I wonder if I start coming up with content that means something to me (and hopefully others) the "time" issue will resolve itself.

If anyone is still reading, I hope this revival sticks. There is so much to talk about not only with the above topics but with Logan and Ellie doing so many things.

Here's to trying!