Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Not So Lazy Days

I think my boss must read this blog.

No sooner did I hit "publish" on the "Working" post did she text me and ask me when I can start on our new office because we move at the end of June.

So just like that I am back to work - BUT from home!

Tea Latte for me please!

So... I may have a sharpie problem...

I set up a desk from Container Store in our living room and got all the computer stuff going. Now I remote into a computer at work and can devote Ellie's nap times to working.

I have already started working on ideas for the finishes in our new, fun office that is in the Galleria. Well, a short walk down a hallway and you are in the Galleria and about 20 steps from a Starbucks Kiosk.

How cool is THAT?

Anywhoo now my dining room looks like this:

Lee walked in and said "Design has taken over the dining room!" It'll all be gone or consolidated in a another week or two.

So far the balance is going well. My day tends to look like this:

7am: get up (not for the first time I assure you)
Make Logan's breakfast
Make Ellie's Bottle
Make my breakfast (lately it's been overnight oats. Yum!)
Feed the dogs and give Teddy his shot.
Feed Ellie her bottle.
Get Logan going on getting dressed
Get myself dressed and pack my gym bag.
Get Ellie dressed
8am: In the car taking Logan to school
8:30am: walking into the gym
10:30am: leaving the gym showered and dressed for the day
If I have any errands to run (groceries) I usually do this on the way home.

11:30am: Ellie's nap. This is when I work. Usually until around 1.

After that if she is happy playing on the floor or in her chair I work a little more.
On day I even managed to order samples like this:

Gotta do what you gotta do right?

The rest of the day is chores and picking up around the house, prepping dinner, etc. Logan is home by 5 every night and Lee walks in around 5:30. Dinner is at 6:15 and then the night routine to get both kids in bed before 8 begins.

It's a little scary but we manage to get it done most of the time.

After that we chat, watch tv, and drink wine.

At 10 I wake up Ellie to feed her, then go to bed and cross my fingers she makes it all night.

Last night she made it to 4am - which was pretty nice. That's 6 hours of sleep for me. If she had gone back to sleep like she normally does it would have been awesome - but she decided to throw a crib party until 5.

Not good when your 5 year old wakes up between 5:30 and 6 every. single. day. He watched his Kindle in his room until I got up. Then it's off while we do the morning routine.

Balance... I suppose.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Now that Ellie is over 3 months old, the question keeps coming up - "when are you going back to work?"

Technically - I'm not.

There is a plan in the future to pick a few hours up from home when I am ready.

At the moment I am NOT ready.

Don't get me wrong - I love what I do (did?) and I do hope some day to go back to it.

However, at the moment, I  LOVE being home.

My house is clean.
My laundry is done.
I am calm and happy when Logan gets home from school.
I have time to rest if I need it or just goof off on Pinterest while Ellie is asleep if I need that instead.

I am cooking again. More than just the same 4 easy meals.

I go to the grocery store when no one else is there.

I snuggle my baby a lot and kiss her and talk to her and listen to her coo back to me.

Tummy Time!
I have also gotten a tad addicted to The Kardashians...

Now that I have added going to Equinox every day - my days are even more full. By the time I drop Logan off, go to the gym, work out and shower, run whatever errand we have, get home and get Ellie on her long nap (maybe mine too) - before I know it we are looking at 1 or 2 pm and I have to get the chores done and get ready for Logan and Lee to be home! The day just flys.

I am working on myself right now. I want to be the happy and healthy mom my kids need.

New hair cut! Ignore the ketchup on his shirt... 

Making cookies together!

I have a goal for my body by May of losing 20 pounds and getting more tone/in shape. I met with a trainer today and while I was somewhat unhappy with what she said, she also told me I have good muscle mass, am very strong and flexible (yay Yoga!) and I did the best squats she had seen in an evaluation.

I have started drinking a Shakeology shake for lunch on the week days (Saturdays too if I work out) to help curb my appetite. I really like chocolate or vanilla with PB2 powder added in.

I am also looking at all the problem spots in our house - the areas that have clutter - and I am working through getting us more organized. I am also sitting here while we have some work done in the house.

Fixing a lazy flipper mistake. Thanks lady....

In a nutshell?

I am so. very. happy.


Monday, January 4, 2016

Hello 2016

January of 2015 started us on a rollercoaster of a year. From Logan being disagnosed with ADHD, a surprise pregnancy that came at a stressful time, house issues costing us thousands... to Lee's promotion, my decision to stay home full time, and Ellie's birth lighting up our lives. Ups were super UP and lows were super LOW.

We made it.

I didn't mean to disappear the last few months. In fact I thought I would have time being home all day to blog it up.

Quite the opposite!

I get Logan to school and I run errands - usually the grocery store or something similar - and then I am home with Ellie. When she is sleeping I am cleaning the house, organizing cabinets and closets, laundry, prepping dinner, etc. When she is awake I am playing with her and talking to her. If sleep sucked the night before I usually lay down with her around 11:30. If I am feeling good I use that time to be productive.
Before I know it Logan is home and we start the night routine and now the doubling up of "witching hour."

Lately, by 8pm, they are both in bed and Lee and I have a few hours to chill and catch up before I feed Ellie one more time and head off to bed with hopes of a full night of sleep.

Never happens.

The last few months flew by with Holidays and Birthdays. Adding Ellie means that in 12 weeks time we celebrate 4 birthdays plus christmas in this house. Busy!

Logan turned 5 on November 30th. I can'e believe it. He has made so many awesome strides in the last year. He is a totally different kid than this time last year. I realize he is older but we also have spent lots of time (and money) finding the right therapy, and yes medicines, to help him be his best self. He is also in a school that really loves him and they are patient when he needs the extra understanding. He is amazing and kind. He LOVES his sister so much.

I do my best to juggle attention time with him once he is home from school or on weekends. When she is napping I sit and play a game with him or whatever he wants to do so he has my attention without her around for at least 30-45 minutes. I have noticed this cuts down on whining...

Ellie is growing so fast. I am really enjoying her as a baby. With Logan it was all about survival as a new mom. This time, I can actually stop and watch her be a baby without hoping for the next big thing to happen. She smiles and has started laughing and has rolled from front to back a few times! She has slept from 10-6:30 a few times but also tends to wake around 3:30 or 4 as well. Thankfully she is easy and just eats and passes back out.

Christmas was great, but hectic. We kept the gifts pretty light this year - again since we all had birthdays right before. Logan's favorite present has been his Leap Frog TV system. It's like a Wii but easier for his age to use plus the games are educational.

I have been working out at Equinox regularly and hope I don't just "look great for someone who just had a baby." i want "wow! I thought you had a baby?!"

Here is to a great 2016!!