Monday, November 18, 2013

Ramble On

(happens to be my all time favorite Led Zeppelin song...)

Things around here just never slow down.

September: we went on a family trip with my parents to Destin - our first time!

Logan traveled really, really well with all his posse.

October: I finally gathered my cajones and had my wisdom teeth out.
That was 1 day post-op.
Logan started fighting bed time in a major way:

And was out sick from school with high fever and/or strep. TWICE.

A big project of mine finished up. On the left - before. Dark wood entry, drapes in the conference room!
On the right, AFTER. I'm pretty proud.

I was criticized for wearing rain boots (on a rainy day no less!) and wore them anyway. I love them.

Logan carved his first pumpkin.

 And was his favorite Monsters Inc character for Halloween.
All he wanted were Popsicles.
We had to keep him from going INSIDE the houses. Stranger Danger, kid.

November (so far):

I joined a Pilates studio for both my mental and physical health...

We went to Palestine this last weekend for just the day:

That's Zoey, Logan's 3rd cousin who was born about a month before him. That year there was a baby born in September, October, AND November!

Otherwise, work is nuts and home life is crazy.

I am looking for the Mousekatool to help me with potty training because Logan is pretty bad at the holding it part...

He loves Pomegranate seeds, which is odd for most people but especially a toddler...

I can't find my Pioneer Woman cookbook, the second one, and it is making me crazy. Looks like even a good 6 months in and I may have missed a box while unpacking...

I am excited for Christmas and have only put up one "fall decoration"
Ta. Da.
That's all you have missed the last two months....