Friday, June 25, 2010


I stole this from Alisha:

Outside my window.. my dogs are digging after something at the back fence. Great.
The time is.. 5:45pm
Today I feel.. Good, just a little frustrated...
I am thinking.. food.
At the moment..I am sitting on the sofa, watching tv, listening to Donald talk to me through Google Talk Voice Chat.
I am going.. to dinner with friends tonight and have a busy weekend ahead.
I am wearing.. jeans, and a green and white t-shirt
I wish.. I didn't have to work. Just to be honest.
I am reading.. A silly book about vampires and Accidental Father. Awesome!
I am working on.. nothing..
I am hoping.. that I can fit a nap into my busy weekend.
I am hearing.. Donald chatting.
Around the house.. are dog toys.
I bet you didn't know.. That donald loves me extra since i helped him get the new iphone!
One of my favorite.. things to do it lay in the hammock in the back yard with Lee and the doggies.

Hello Bump

Sunday I will be 16 weeks pregnant. I am trying so hard to not make this blog turn into the "oh Hi. I am pregnant and that is all i will talk about." But in all honesty, it does kind of take over your train of thought. You are either thinking about:
  • Food
  • Food you can't have (sushi!)
  • Margarita's (you can't have)
  • Food
  • What is going on inside your belly
  • What the sex of the baby is
  • What you will feel about the sex of the baby either way it goes
  • Food
  • Sleep
  • My clothes don't really fit...
So trying to blog about things when you are hungry but aren't having dinner for 2.5 more hours - need a healthy snack - have nothing to wear - and not sure if you look well fed or pregnant... it's hard!

Work is great. We are super freaking busy and need to hire someone. In the meantime, Boss #2 still thinks he can just throw things in your chair and they magically get accomplished. I wish we could hire a new pee-on to take the pressure off me..

Lee is awesome. He is kicking ass at work, excited about the baby, and all around just an awesome husband.

I honestly feel great. I get the "gags" now and then, get sleepy now and then, and there are some emotions, but I am happy otherwise.

This weekend we are super busy. Dinner tonight with Damon, Carlin, Ben, and Katie.
Shopping tomorrow for baby gifts and some clothes. The dinner with Jennifer and Dave to meet the new puppy - Nubo.
Sunday I have to drive to Richmond, a good hour south of here, for a Baby Shower for Carlin, then dinner with Ben, Katie, Melissa, and Brandon.
Then it will be Monday again.
Oy Vey.

Trying to get Lee to take a "bump photo" soon!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Preggo Rant

I need to rant. Then go eat everything in the pantry...

So far TODAY pregnancy for me has meant:

  • Gagging next to the seafood case at Kroger, while 10 hot firemen watched.
  • Forgetting the pot roast I was going to cook for dinner and going back inside (having to be in near vicinity to the seafood again...) while my food sat in the 100 degree weather in my car...
  • Buying 25 things not on my list including peanut butter pretzels, chocolate milk, and orange/tangerine juice.
  • Coming home and getting pissed off at the 4 bags of hot dog/hamburger buns accumulated from the last 2 weekends of entertaining. I had no room to put away the misc crap I bought today.
  • Throwing away craving foods that I didn't really want anymore including chips ahoy cookies, saltines, blackberries, and baby spinach (never opened!). I mean I had to make room right?
One point should be - don't go alone to the store. Someone has to stop you from buying crap, and someone should be there to mouth "pregnant!" at the people watching you gag by the seafood and rotisserie chickens.

Lookey what I got in the mail...

After nearly a year...
I need to frame this puppy ASAP.
THIS is the reason to go back to work after baby... i worked really hard for it and if I don't keep up my CEU's, I will lose it.

No pressure.

After months of waiting...

Our bedroom has finally finally finally been re-done.

Here is a before:I went through this phase where I wanted a brown wall in my bedroom. At first I liked it, although the green was much mintier than I thought from the swatch. I never liked the green, I lived with it.I tired of the brown, like 3 years ago. It made it hard, with the green, to find bedspreads and such.We also had some drywall damage from before we replaced the roof, so that needed to be fixed.

I came home Friday and my house looked like this:See the baseball bat in the basket on the dresser? That is a new addition to the bedroom. Lee is in total papa bear mode. Now that we are "with child" - we have upgraded our alarm, there is a huge shot gun (no bullet in the barrell and zipped in a case mind you) under the bed, and now a baseball bat. Lee is Papa Bear.
Lilly was pretty disturbed for the entire 24 hours that we had the house disrupted.
We also had to pile a lot of mess into the guest room as well...At the end of the bed is our old coffee table that we are getting rid of, plus misc crap found in the bedroom when it had to be cleared out. This room is already the "throw in there and shut the door" room until August when it's cleaned out and transformed into Baby Nash Central.

Now - we had to sleep somewhere Friday night because our bedroom looked like this:So we decided to have a slumber party in the living room.
Lee waited until I was 100% asleep to declare that sleeping in the living room SUCKS and we needed to move into the guest room.
Wait - that bed is covered in crap.
So we moved it all.
Ask this tired, cranky, pregnant person how much she enjoyed being woken up and put to work...
Finally, around noon the next day, the room was ready to put everything back. When they went to move the bed, the footboard detached and we found Teddy's stash:
A good 15 chewies had been shoved so deep that even changing sheets had not disturbed his bones. I am sure his plans were foiled when he realized he couldn't get to them once he stashed them... Everyone laughed for 10 minutes at this discovery.

Now if we could only find the sock stash...

We had people coming over in 30 minutes to watch the soccer game so once all the furniture was moved back, I moved around like crazy to get the bedroom pretty and the rest of the house out of utter chaos mode.Now the bedroom is a nice refreshing gray with new crown molding and a stark white painted ceiling. We laid in bed this morning just "wow" at how clean and fresh it looks. I am now on the hunt for art for the walls (with touches of red like that pillow in it) to bring the room together.

Donald liked the room, but he liked the rice crispy treat from Central Market more...
Donald was rooting for England - so we made him eat this USA treat.
He was distraught as you can tell.

Tonight I am making a pot roast for dinner and Tony and Tiffanie are coming over. She herself is "with child" (4 weeks behind me) so I am sure we will talk pregnancy and babies and nurseries.
Now off to the store...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Backyard BBQ - held on the face of the sun

How is it already so hot? We have barely scraped the beginning of June and it's almost 100 degrees outside...

Lee really wanted to throw a bbq for some friends, no matter the heat, so we did it.
I made a 7 layer dip and we bought about 100 pounds of chips at Costco...
See those red cups? Not one was touched. There are a million more in the garage where those came from.We rented 2 round tables and some chairs, and our huge crepe myrtle provided plenty of shade. The boys played a bean bag toss game... lots of silly/crude/rude things were said once the competition got going!
Then the sprinkler for the kids was set up...And alllllll the adults wished they could join in...
And we got our very first baby gift! We don't own one single baby anything and now we have this:
It plays songs and is portable for ultimate noise making opportunities.
I know - I better get used to it!

Working from home...

Thanks to a recent upgrade to my computer at work (Windows 7 and Office 2007) - i can again work from home. This means I can sit on my sofa in my scottie dog pj pants and watch trash tv while working. I love it.
Here is a quick screen shot of what it looks like from home.It's pretty much like being at my desk. It lags a second or 2 but nothing too bad. Right now I am working on our laptop in the living room but it works from the desktop too (which is better because the screen is bigger...)
This is going to be helpful during the busy times when you really want to go home but have so much to do. It will also make things easier when I am 9 months huge pregnant and not wanting to sit at work all day... and with sick baby after day care germs hit... etc.