Sunday, June 13, 2010

Preggo Rant

I need to rant. Then go eat everything in the pantry...

So far TODAY pregnancy for me has meant:

  • Gagging next to the seafood case at Kroger, while 10 hot firemen watched.
  • Forgetting the pot roast I was going to cook for dinner and going back inside (having to be in near vicinity to the seafood again...) while my food sat in the 100 degree weather in my car...
  • Buying 25 things not on my list including peanut butter pretzels, chocolate milk, and orange/tangerine juice.
  • Coming home and getting pissed off at the 4 bags of hot dog/hamburger buns accumulated from the last 2 weekends of entertaining. I had no room to put away the misc crap I bought today.
  • Throwing away craving foods that I didn't really want anymore including chips ahoy cookies, saltines, blackberries, and baby spinach (never opened!). I mean I had to make room right?
One point should be - don't go alone to the store. Someone has to stop you from buying crap, and someone should be there to mouth "pregnant!" at the people watching you gag by the seafood and rotisserie chickens.


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Sabrina Bowen said...

oh....just wait only get's better. ;) You've heard the staying "don't go to the grocery store hungry"...I've turned that into "don't go to the grocery store pregnant". Because the shit you come home - or don't come home with because you forgot - is 10 times worse than if you're just hungry.