Wednesday, September 23, 2009

10 Days

There are 10 days until my exam.
I am in panic mode.

What if i fail? Everyone would be so dissapointed in me. I mean, here i am spending all this money, taking all this time out from friends and family, and then.. nothing to show for it.

I like my plan B - open a coffee/book/video gaming cafe with the D's. I could handle it. Like Central Perk with big screens and video games.

Let's see how that works instead.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Random Saturday Ramblings

I don't have alot to write about other than the TEST (13 days away) so I thought I would blog about random stuff that is having a party in my brain.

*What if I fail this test?

*I think about re-doing our bedroom constantly. This is causing me to dislike the paint/bedding we have alot.


*Tired of spending money on this money pit house. I know it's worth it but still...

*I feel very uninteresting. Know me for 5 minutes and you know me.

*I have frenimies at work and that makes me feel fake. But its easier to just play along than to be fighting all the time.

* I love my job but hate going to work.

*I want to be a professional stay-at-home-wife.

*To have a kid or not to have a kid. I can't answer that the same way twice. What does that mean?

*I want money. Because I want things. Which makes me materialistic.

*I didn't used to be materialistic, but the city changes you.

*I want money so I can own everything in Sur La Table.

*I feel very selfish these days.

*I love my friends, even if I don't always tell them or show it.

*I wish I could see my family more.

*I feel like I am different than everyone else in my family. That makes it hard to go home.

*This post ended up being depressing. Oops.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Weekend

Fun huh?
Study Study Study.

Hurricane Ike

I am not a huge sentimental person when it comes to dates (other than our anniversary). But this being the 1 year of Hurricane Ike hitting Galveston/Houston, I thought I would share.
As long as I live, I will never ever forget hiding in the hallway with our pets for over 4 hours listening to the radio as the hurricane came over our house. The windows were bending/vibrating and I was sure at any moment they were going to pop and throw glass all in our front room. Thank goodness they didn't. I listened on the radio as a Houston Restaurant Icon, Brennan's, burned down - finding out later an employee died in that fire.
Finally, at 6:30am, we felt the worst had passed and gathered everyone (us, the pets) into the bedroom and got back into bed. I text'd the family that all was well so that we could get some rest.

Thankfully, our house didn't have any damage at all to it. We are getting new windows next week, but I doubt we would ever stay again! Anything over a Cat 1 and I am out of here!

Here is a link to some great photos from the aftermath of this gigantic storm, which did damage all way up into Canada. Ike Photos

We went 17 days without power. I witnessed people sitting all over the Galleria with laptops an cell phones plugged into outlets, soaking up the A/C.
Today - it is sunny and warm, fall is on the way.. there are still buildings here and there with plywood over a few windows. I think that is crazy!
It took me along time to ever want grilled food again, I will tell you that!

Also, looking back, here is my post from a few days later (when I was at work probably, soaking up internet!) 1 year ago

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cook's Illustrated

I feel I am ignoring this blog so I am going to write about a technically-food-related item here.
And you will just get past it right?

If you like to cook, grab this magazine whenever you see it, because it is phenomenal.
They have several recipes a magazine and each recipe has a story in it that tells you everything they went through to make this recipe to ensure it is the best. Plus it has little illustrations for certain things that you may not have come across doing before.So naturally, when I saw they had a cookbook - I jumped on it.
It also has stories for each recipe plus illustrations here and there. LOVE IT!
Only $20!