Sunday, October 25, 2009

Alot happened this week...

Getting back from Mexico and being home was refreshing.
Getting to work on Monday to a salary/hour cut was not.
Getting to work on Tuesday to a cell-phone cut was not as well.

So - less money plus a cell phone bill? Nice.

I decided, pretty quick but after research, that the iPhone would be my drug of choice. I thought about my blackberry and how much I do enjoy it. I looked up the price to keep it and stay on Verizon and was shocked that the iphone (even with the mandatory data package) was less per month. Mainly because my mom is on AT&T so that means I can get less minutes and just max out my txt and data.
I have had the phone 24 hours and have not made a single phone call but have been all over the internet, app store, and txt/IM.

First APP i downloaded? The Sherwin Williams Color Match. Basically you can take a picture of a wall (note - need good lighting) and it will tell you the closest color in the SW family. Pretty freakin cool!

Let's hope I at least have a job over the next few months eh?

Monday, October 19, 2009

My Best Friend

Bunny. Donald. Donnie.
This Guy:
Last night we had my birthday dinner (since we were out of town on my actual bday). I walked in and saw this:Donald and Don had made this for me!
But when I got home... there was this on my dining tableDonald (the guy so honorable mentioned above) has been cross stitching this for almost a year. Can you believe this? It is the most thoughtful gift!
Love you Bunny!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Oooooh Mexico

We are back from Vaca! Mexico was GORGEOUS.

There isn't much to tell other than:
  • We met some awesome couples. We never meet anyone on vacations so this was fun!
  • One couple lives in our neighborhood.
  • One lives close to Reliant park.
  • One lives in South Carolina. We are petitioning for them to move here.
  • It was so much fun.
  • I didn't get as roasted as I did in Hawaii.
  • I miss the private pool...
  • I turned 29!
Photos:With us are Bethany and Bo. This is the couple that lives in our neighborhood. They are quite alot of fun!This was our private pool off the deck in our room.A view of the other casitas and the lazy river that connected us to a bigger pool with a bar. in case you just can't bring yourself to walk over the little bridge.
Us at dinner the first night. That shirt doesn't look so red in person...
All in all, we had a great time but it sure is good to be home and to what wonderful fall weather too!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pumpkin Invasion!

I LOVE FALL! My favorite time of the year!

Pumpkins (and Punkins in the window)

Pumpkins in the flower bed
My wreath (made by Jimmy!) I need a hook!
Pumpkins on the entertainment center (and the coffee and end table!)
And the cornucopia and the one "halloween" decoration I own.
I love pumpkins! :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Texans Game

Lee got tickets from his boss for the Texan's game on Sunday. I had never been to a professional game before so I was pretty excited.

First, the Cheerleaders came out and dance a little...

Then they started the football player introductions:
It was also ESPN's Breast Cancer Awareness day so there was a little deal out on the field for that. We had a really great time and the Texan's kicked butt!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Done, not let's move on!

Friday and Saturday were the Exam. I am now done.

Done studying all the damn time.
Done missing out on get togethers and fun things.
Done getting cranky because I am missing all these things.
Done cramming shit in my head that I really won't use again.

I learned a lot, I really did. I am not feeling very good about the exam and at this point, I just hope I met the MINIMUM it takes to pass. Based on what I have been through the last 2 days, I don't think that how you did on the exam reflects directly on your skills as a professional. This exam is all about trick questions and finding minute details in one sentence that can change the outcome of your answer.

For 2 days I hunched over a tiny desk racking my brain for information.
Yesterday I was expected to hand draft on a desk that barely held my 11 x 17 paper, much less all my pencils, pens, templates, tracing paper, pencil sharpener, etc... All of us felt that after spending nearly $1,000 to take this damn thing, couldn't we have been given a bit nicer of a facility?

So now it is time to conquer what I have been ignoring.

We are going to the Texans game today at Noon. I will take my camera and I will get better about blogging, i swear!