Wednesday, June 29, 2011

7 Month Update!

Logan is doing so many new things these days.. seeing how he is now 7 months old.

Please excuse me while I curl up into a ball in the corner and cry..

For one, he is army crawling across the floor. It usually goes like this:

We see the ball...(or dog, or daddy's hat, or dog chew)

OOOH! A toy I want!! *scoot*
So he pivots with his foot and then pulls with his arm...
I can get it I know it! *scoot scoot*
Then he pushes off with his foot and....
HA! Mine!!
Along with that, he sleeps a lot better. While he has slept from 7 - 7 before, he mainly does 7am - 6am. Then he throws a party in his crib for about thirty minutes before I get up and go get him.

We eat tons of solid foods. We have been through all the flavors one on one so we are now on mixing things and Stage 2.

ALMOST sitting up. That may be another month.

Last, but not least..




It's there! I swear!
Forgive the blue hue to the pictures... I am still adjusting settings on the camera. I think it picked up the blues in the room from the TV...

We wear size 9 and 12 month clothes.

Again with the crying in the corner...

I need a vote... Is the first haircut in order?


Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Moooooooo's

Happy Monday everyone.

Universally, it seems everyone has a bit of an issue with Mondays. I absolutely LOATHE them myself. Maybe this little Monday Moo will help get us through...

Today's Monday Moo's:

1.) How Long have you been blogging and How Long do you stay on the computer per day? I have been blogging off and on for the last 8 years or so, but seriously blogging for the last 3 years. Since my job requires tons of computer-oriented work, I'd say I am on the computer about 9 hours a day between work and home.

2.) Do you schedule your posts and/or keep a bunch of posts in drafts?
Depends on the week. Sometimes I write or start several at a time and keep them in drafts. Sometimes I use Evernote for this... I have had good and bad luck with scheduling. Sometimes I will schedule and then go in the next morning and it turned back to "draft." That annoys me! But when it works, it's great!

3.) Do you make money off your blog? If so, tell us how {via sponsors, monetizing}-Share your success. If not, tell us if you'd like to and what you need from us to help you.
This is something I am trying to achieve. I am a BlogHer Associate at the moment, which means I have my foot in the door with them but I am not a full fledged member. I have done a few things for CleverGirls, but they were small scale. I ultimately want to generate a little fun money and maybe have extra time to be home with the little man. I would love any ideas anyone has on this!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Kindle plus a review

I am a big fan of book series. I have read all of the Scarpetta books by Patricia Cornwell; all the JD Robb "In Death" series; and all the Janet Evanovich series with Stephanie Plum. I love knowing the characters and any references to back stories.
There are times, when there is nothing out there I want to read, I start series all over. I made the mistake of loaning my books to someone and... never ever got them back.
Now, I am a slave to my Kindle, that won't happen again!

I have been reading A Little Bit of This and That and she was raving over the Nora Robert's Bride Series. When I was finished with my books, I downloaded it and gave it a try.

Even with a full time job, motherhood, and wifehood, I managed to read it in about a week! I loved it and read any free minute I got.
Note: Reading even while sitting on the floor next to a baby that rolls/scoots... they will get halfway across the room and you won't notice!

I am about to download the next book, then the next, then the next...
Then what? *sad*
My grandmother, who just got her Kindle, told me she loved Water for Elephants. I have heard from a few people it was a great book and movie, so maybe that's next.

Speaking of my grandmother + Kindle.. what a story this is for you.

My mother wanted to get my grandparents one since they both read heavily. My step-dad didn't think they would use it so she decided against it. Then I went to visit and showed it to them and my grandmother was very interested! I let mom know and WHALA! Happy Anniversary to them.

Then... I get the phone call...

"Breann! It's grandma! OH I GOT A KINDLE! Can you help me set it up!"
B: Ok sure, let me get Logan up so I can feed him!
G: Oh that sweet boy is just the most precious thing!
*insert 10 min convo about Logan being cute/sweet/funny/precious.* (because he is!)
B: OK i have my Kindle in front of me. Let's get you registered. You need to get on and create a login and save your credit information for purchases.
G: Oh. so I need to go to the computer? Can I leave the Kindle where I have it plugged in? It's charging.
B: Yes. In fact, I will set it up for you!
**sets up account**
G: Oh I just love having such a smart granddaughter!
B: Ok now let's register your Kindle.
G: Oh, so I need to go back to the Kindle... will I need the computer?
B: No.
*please note, I am holding Logan and feeding him a bottle at the same time that I am on the phone with the Kindle in front of me. THEN Lee starts trying to call me and I am trying to IM him with one hand. A little hectic*
B: Click the Menu Button.
G: Menu. Ok!
B: Ok now use the arrow button to go to Settings
G: Um.. arrow button...
B: See the square with the dot? The raised buttons around it are arrows. Just push the button and you will see Settings underlined.
G: OH! OH! I did it!
B: Great! Ok now what do you see?
G: Register you Kindle!
B: Ok arrow down and click on that.
*Then we go through what an arrow is, what a back button is, etc. This is getting a little painful since I can't see what she is doing and I am trying to be descriptive!*
G: Ok now it wants the wireless password. Oh no, I don't know what that is. BILL? BILL?? (my Papa) DO YOU HAVE THE PASSWORD? (she shouts across the house)
*We try 3 different ones and none work. Now I use one hand to text my cousin for the password to the wireless. Hey go visit them because the wireless password is 1234567890! Not kidding.*
G: It won't work! Oh dear I just know I am doing something wrong!
B: No, no... So you hit sym and then 1-0 and hit enter and it didn't work?
G: Maybe it's the other passwords? Are you sure it's the 1-0?
B: Billy said it was... He said he will come over Sunday and help you.
G: Ok. Well I sure appreciate your help!

*Total phone time... 45 minutes.

I love love love my grandmother and I know had I been there in person it would have been easier. Holding a squirmy infant, IM/Txt with one hand and describing Kindle buttons and menu's.... I had a glass of wine later!

Don't worry, she got it set up, then had a little trouble buying the first book and now she is reading away!

This was by no means a Kindle add, just happened to be that I love mine and my grandmother got hers about 2 weeks ago!
Have a great weekend! Curl up with a book and beat the heat.
Have wine too. That's an order!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Special Edition Post

**Disclaimer: It takes a LOT to fire me up enough to jump on here and stand on my soap box. In fact the last time I did, it was about Michael Vick.

This week, I had an idea and contacted Debi at The TRUTH About Motherhood and told her I wanted to nominate someone for Throat Punch Thursday. She told me to just go for it myself and link up with her. I am a bit nervous about this...but I will try!

I would like to nominate RICK PERRY for a nice healthy donkey kick to the throat.

I'm a cowboy!! Fuck yeah! Source

Being a born and raised Texan, people probably think I just loooove Rick Perry. Even better, I come from a long line of staunch Republicans. This is certainly NOT the case.

This creep is the epitome of a dirty, lying, no good politician.  I even went out and voted for Bill White (who is great) to try and do my part to get this guy out of office. It didn't work, but now I am betting people are a little regretful of letting him stay in office...

Not real up to date on this current Governor of Texas? Here are a few bullet points:

  • He lives large on government money. First, why a mansion?  I realize that the Governors Mansion is under renovation but you can't chill out in a modest mini mansion? He not only rents this place, he uses the money to pay personal bills and throw parties. Yo, Rick - what about your salary? Oh that went to pay for new guns? Totally understandable. 

  • He wanted Texas to secede from the union. Say what?! What in the world would that gain us? It didn't work the first time, in 1861, and it wouldn't work this time. What makes him think we could survive as our own Republic solely because the Nation as a whole is suffering? Then later he is all "oh yeah, we need a bailout now." *confused*

  • Education is not of the utmost importance evidently, since he cut the state budget by 10 billion dollars and then pretended to not understand why many districts started laying off teachers en mass. I am wondering if he had some mean ass teacher that rapped his hands with a ruler. Or didn't like that he took off 2 weeks in the fall to go deer hunting.  

  • Don't get me started on his abortion views. I just can't go there.  I know we all stand on one side of the fence on this, but he is pulling up the fence posts and stabbing people with them.
 I know that in politics, there are exaggerations and blatant lies. Still, he is up there on the Sarah Palin level of small mindedness and inflated ego.

 Enjoy your Throat Punch, Mr. Perry.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blog Award Awesomeness

Last week, I was reading one of hundreds a few blogs I follow and I saw my name in the text. As I read more, I saw that Mollie over at OK in UK had bestowed upon me a blogging award!

Guys! This is my very first one EVER!! 

I first started reading Mollie's blog when she was featured on For the Love of Blogs. I then noticed quickly that she reads a lot of the same blogs I do and I see her comments a lot of the time. 
Her story is so unique because she went all the way from Oklahoma to the UK! She cracked me up with her ongoing coverage of the Royal Wedding. You can read those here.

Now, it is my responsibility to pass along this award! Here are the rules:

1) Tell you who gave it to you
2) Put up a link to their blog. 
3)Pay it Forward to five more bloggers.
Sound good?
1. First off is Tiffanie over at Pineapples and Pickles. This new mommy lives close to me and we got through most of our maternity leaves together. She also provided someone to play Words With Friends with at 2am. Or 3am.. maybe even 5am... 

2. Then we have another new mommy, Jessica at Doubling the Dewitts. Jessica and I get along famously because we pretty much do the same things. We both spend gobs of money when we are stressed, we both are in the Interior Design field, and we both have extremely understanding husbands. 

3. Next up is Megan at Honey We're Home. I actually got to meet Megan at a Houston Blogger Roundup she organized. She is just as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside. I get loads of inspiration from her blog with all the gorgeous photos she puts up. She even inspired me to organize the house, and my life a little.

4. If you haven't seen Liz's blog at Mabel's House, go right over! My first connection with her was that she is a fellow schnauzer owner. Then I watched as she went through pregnancy and then new babyhood. Her blog is beautiful and vintage. You'll fall in love with her, Jane, and Mabel too.

5. Last but so not least is Heather at Some Kind of Wonderful. Heather is just about as sweet as it gets and her blog name has me humming that iconic Grand Funk Railroad AND reminds me of my favorite John Hughes movie. She has a sweet little family and tells great stories. She is a fellow lover of blogs and does a fun link up on Thursdays. 

Ok, ladies, I hope you enjoy your award! 


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hello friend...

Finally, after months of phone calls, emails, and IM's, Jessica came to Houston!

She grew up where we currently live and couldn't wait to hit our favorite place to eat, Tia Maria's!

Our boys, who are 3 weeks apart, finally got to meet.

I imagine this is what they said:

Oh hey man! Good to see you! How about a high five?

Logan: So have you enjoyed your trip to Houston so far?
Callen: Yeah it's cool, Mom sure loves it here. 
Logan: That's pretty neat.  I wish you lived here, then you could hang with me and P and Brady. We kick it old school.
Callen: That sounds like fun. We could kick back, enjoy some bottles.
 Both: HAHAHAHHA Bottles are awesome!
Callen: I really want that paci you have, can I have it?
Logan: Woah man, back up off my stuff!
Callen: Sorry sorry I don't know what came over me. Can we still be friends?
Logan: Yeah, you're cool. Maybe we can share some toys sometime. Come on, let's hug it out.

I had so much fun seeing the boys play like that!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Something doesn't fit...

I have always been a little on the outside of the crowd.

The easiest way to describe this is High School. Think about when you were in school and how groups divided themselves.

Preppies: Wealthy, pretty, well dressed, nice cars, stuck up
Geeks: Liked Math, made good grades, studied too much, on the debate team
Artsy: In theater and in choir, read strange books, love musicals, always had a sketch pad
Outcast: Poor, rides the school bus, probably smokes
Jocks: They love the preppies
Rednecks: Drive trucks, dip Skoal, hang out in the parking lot until first bell, in the "work program," possibly in FFA.

I feel like I was a little bit different. I had friends in EVERY category. I didn't really belong in one group. I was in theater and choir, dated a few rednecks and outcasts,d and I made all A's.. I had my 4 close friends and now and then would hang out with someone from a different group. Sometimes, friends from one side (preppies) would get a little put off if you were hanging with the other crowd (rednecks) and you would have to walk the fine line of forgiveness.

The funny thing is, this type of thing follows you in your adult life.

In college I joined a sorority. I do not regret that I did so, but I never, not one day, felt like I belonged. I was too old when I joined and all the older girls graduated while I was still pledging. My big sister was 3 years younger than me. I was set in my ways and didn't like being told what to do.  I ended up quitting, and to this day I don't know if that was the right decision.

My second job in Houston made me feel so small. I was young, eager, starving.... But we had the exact definition of "clackers." High heels, tight dresses, happy hour. I worked in the group, but was never included in the activities. I felt in the way all the time. All I wanted was to be asked to join in for lunch.

To this day, even in the groups we hang out in regularly, I am not always sure where I fit. Sometimes I don't feel as pretty. Sometimes I don't feel as smart.  Sometimes I don't feel well dressed enough.

It's hard to find comfort in your own skin and ignore "clicks" in your life. My father always told me "if you have enough truly good friends that you can count on one hand, you are blessed." I don't even know if I can say there are 5, but of the ones I have, they always make me feel like I fit.
 What about you - do you have this issue in life? What group were you in growing up?


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

It seems that Lee was made to be a daddy.

I have never seen a baby laugh so much! The minute Lee even walks in the room, Logan goes nuts and just giggles and laughs. Even just hearing Lee's voice gets him going sometimes.
Lee is patient and kind and so proud watching our little man accomplish new things.

Happy Father's Day, Lee. You are amazing.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Man have mornings changed around here in the last 6 months. I used to LOVE sleeping in, and would wake up at the last possible minute to get ready for work. You can take a look back a what it used to be like here...

Now things are different for sure...

Around 6:30am, dude man wakes up. I stumble in and turn on his mobile and give him a toy and let him play for about 20 min (parent of the year right here folks). I lay in bed and wake up slowly.

6:50am I am grabbing him up, kissing his cheeks, and changing that nasty all-nighter diaper. Off we go to the kitchen where I make a bottle while he yells at me waits patiently in his high chair.

While he eats, I do this:

While Lee feeds the dogs:

While he showers, I do this:
 And Logan and I play:

Then about 7:30am, I am hopping in the shower.
By 8am we are out the door to day care and work.

By 5pm, Lee or I are picking him up and we are headed home.
6:15pm  - Bath time!
6:45pm - Dinner time!
7:15pm - Bed time!
Then Lee and I watch tv, treadmill, talk about the day...

10pm - Adults bed time. A little tv time and then sleep.

Exciting no?
What's your day like?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

You know you're a mom when...

Did you ever have a t-shirt when you were growing up that had a phrase "You know you're a _____ when" and then several lines of witty things that relate?

For example, in college I had a "You know you're an Interior Design Student When" and it was followed by things like "you have graphite on your face" or "you have fabric samples in your purse."

I would like to make one for new mom's...

You Know You're a New Mom When:

  • You find a pacifier in your purse and decide that's actually a smart place to keep one
  • There is a mini gymboree set up in your living room
  • You get excited when formula is on sale
  • You go straight to the baby section in every store you go to
  • You look at the video baby monitor at least 15 times or more a night
  • You have baby food/spit up on your clothes and don't even notice
  • You have way too much stuff in your baby bag, "just in case."
  • You can navigate a dark house like a ninja
  • You now subscribe to 3 different parenting magazines
What about you mom's out there, what would you add?

Also - I am participating in a link up today! High on Life Thursday! Check it out!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rockin' the Bump

I saw this link up going around and couldn't resist!
Now that Logan is 6 months old and huge... I can't stop looking at his first photos and of my bump pictures because I don't remember any of it!

Here I was at 37 weeks.

I am a Designer at an Architecture firm and was going to a job site. I think this was on a Friday and I went into labor that very next Monday!
Want to show off your bump? Link up here!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Logan and Bunny

For years, Donald (A.K.A. Bunny) bothered me to get pregnant. Every stomach ache, stomach flu, sniffle, or headache he deemed me pregnant.
It took 9 years of bothering me, and then, you know, Lee, for me to get pregnant.

And now - Bunny has himself a Logan.

They play on the computer:
No way, Unka Bunny, you are doing it all wrong!
Logan makes him play on the floor:

I got your forehead!
Uncle Bunny even knows how to change a diaper.

But if you were Uncle Bunny and you looked at this little face:
I have a present for youuuuu...
You probably wouldn't mind changing a diaper either...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Just In Case...

Twice this week, I have found myself in a situation where I am with Logan but with out necessary baby supplies. You know... diapers, wipes, pacifier.. those little things.

Imagine being at the Dr for SHOTS and you have no paci to give the little guy while he is crying.
Then taking him during his sleepy part of the day to Lee's office.. no paci, diapers, wipes... So I stopped at Walgreens and bought those things. The paci came in handy for sure.

This made me realize I needed a just in case kit in the car. I already had a bottle of water, tissues, and hand/face wipes. But I had nothing that would be an emergency deal. I mean come on, I don't want to be that girl on Teen Mom who used towels at the car wash as a diaper...

So here is what I have:

Diapers, wipes, and a paci. I am fortunate to have a super deep console in my car to stow this in.

I don't want to leave a ready-made bottle of formula in the car mainly since it's 100 degrees outside right now. Then I would have to have a bottle too...

Is there anything else you think I need in this bag?

Do you have something similar in your car for emergency moments?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Now that we have a bouncy baby boy, all 18 pounds and 28 inches of him have taken over the house.
In the last few weeks/days, we have gotten rid of the swing and the bouncy seat. Now if he needs to take a nap, it's in his crib.

Or sometimes, the high chair:

We also got a new bath chair so that I can have 2 hands to wash him again:
He likes to kick the water and I have little toys floating all around.
But as his mom, I sure hate that the chair kind of squishes his baby junk. He doesn't seem to care...

Saturday morning starts no later than 7am. Babies don't care that it's Saturday.

After breakfast in the kitchen with him hanging in his high chair, us eating and guzzling coffee watching TV, we move on to the living room.

In a very short time it turns into this:
Lola: Really? This is necessary?
Welcome to Loganland...

Lola is a little pissed that none, not a singe one, of those toys are for her.

The Bumbo allows him to sit and play with the little table thing, as well as sit in the little play tent thing so he can bat at the toys. The long padded mat lets him roll around and play with the textures.

You can see in the background, a jumparoo completes the playland.
If only it were so easy as an adult to have this much fun...

Speaking of sleep, we have had a pretty major breakthrough.

Logan now sleeps in his own room.

All night.

11 hours.

Yeah.. how great is that?

So I figured out he likes to be warm. So he gets thin socks under a footie pj, and then a sleep sack.
We also added a white noise machine on the advice of Jessica. It's pretty loud and works like a charm.

Now that he has that big crib, he can roll all over the place and not get "stuck."

Also, I turn the noise on the monitor OFF when I go to bed, because I can easily hear him down the hall if he cries. I can still check the video monitor 50 times every once and a while and see him.

There you have it. Warm, white noise, big crib = 11 hours of sleeping baby with usually one trip to give him a paci around 4am.

Sleep has been found.


Monday, June 6, 2011

More looks at past posts...

Due to lack of imagination, and because you all seem to enjoy this, I am posting some more old stuff. This is all right after I had left college, moved to Houston, and started my first real job.
This has nothing to do with anything but I laughed for 5 minutes after I read it...

Bizarre events
Sep. 3rd, 2004 | 10:43 pm
I feel...:  giddy
Noise in my head...: Need For Speed Underground Music
When is it normal, EVER, to walk into the video store and get in line behind a kid (maybe 8?) in a FLAMINGO costume? Where the hell does someone acquire a Flamingo costume, why would you ever need one, and who let's their kid out in public wearing it? I mean, nobody else is in a costume, it's not Halloween. Wait, who would dress up as a FLAMINGO for Halloween? He even had the head of it (in the form of a hood) on. Then when they were leaving, he started flapping the wings. So i laughed out loud. So I stood in line and giggled until they left. And I giggled all the way home too..
That made my damn day.

Thank the lord Donald and Carl were not with me. We would have been asked to leave.
Please realize, I was 24 when I wrote this and didn't even have any idea I ever wanted a kid... This also alerts me to exactly how long I have hated mini vans...
I need help...
Mar. 17th, 2005 | 10:41 pm
I feel...:  devious
Noise in my head...: stupidfuckingbasketballgameontv
I need to be sent to Road Rage Anonymous.. I have started a very long list of things I hate when I am driving around in Houston...
      Kids (because they can't be exempt from my rage solely because they can't drive)
      Old people driving 10mph in a 50
      People in sports cars that weave in and out of traffic because they spent 500,000$ on this car and can't wait to wreck it
      Any car with a sticker on the window with their kids name and the sporting event symbol under it.  Who cares if Suzie is a cheerleader in the 7th grade?
      Stupid slogans on the back window.. today I saw "Got Sand?"  WTF? Your car should not be used as your outlet to advertise your stupidity
Ok.. we will stop there for now.  Much of this is stemmed from my 2 days of driving around Houston shopping for work. 
And here is Donald's reference to my road rage problem...
donald: why did the chicken cross the road?  because bre threatened to fuck it up if it didn't?
breinash: hahahaha yeah yeah, but only if it's an old chicken, or a kid chicken... or a chicken in a minivan
donald: lmao
Ever look back at your hometown after you are all grown up?

Fun Weekend
Apr. 10th, 2005 | 08:28 pm
I feel...:  chipper
Noise in my head...: Annoying commercial!
I woke up nice and early on Sat and got ready for the trip to Palestine. I was out the door at a nice time of 8:30, stopped for gas, and then I was on my way. I arrived in my beautiful hometown at about 11:15 and drove around taking it in. This is the first time in a long time that I really took in the charm of my lovely town. The courthouse is one-of-a-kind, antique shops, and the original, barely renovated downtown with all it's shops. I know I am in the city now, but I do miss the small town pace I was accustomed to for 20 years.
So I drove around, sunroof open, and music a little too loud. Then I got out to my grandparents house and walked around their yard, which my grandpa has done SO MUCH work. Grandma and I drove down to "Old Town" (a little section of shops and a gin behind downtown) and I found some neat bargains to use my gift certificates on! We walked around in downtown a bit, and then headed home. We had dinner at the country club (don't i sound like a southern belle now?) and visited at home. I headed out to Applebees at about 9 and I was there about 30 min before Katie. I watched all the people and I had forgotten how cute country boys can be!! HAHA Katie and her prefect belly showed up, and Brian a bit later. We had fun and teased our waitress... Audrea!
This morning I went to church with my grandparents. Papa didn't want to be there and was a real hoot the whole morning long. I am not really fond of the Episcopal church, so I don't think I will go back next time. I am a Methodist all the way! We then had lunch at the Harvey Women's Club (i have no idea) and Papa was telling me all these people's secrets! "You see that lady over there? She has more money than God!"
I headed home and was so excited when my phone found signal! I was on the phone for all but an hour of my trip. I picked up a few things at GAP and then i was home sweet home!!
Lee will be home soon.. about 3 hours. I am so excited! 

I hope you enjoyed this. The next segment starts our house-hunting...


Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Face!

Heyyyyyyyy-o! It's Friday!
It's the first Friday of the month so today is Friday Face! 

If you meander over to the sidebar, you will see a fresh button under Button of the Month - Sunshine State Transplant. 

I met Sarah very briefly a few years ago when one of Lee's best friends came to visit from Florida. I liked her right away but didn't get to spend much time with her until at least a year later. 

Now we have been through a road trip, rained out concert, and tons of emails and facebook.

Everyone - meet the FAAAAAAABULOUS Sarah!

 *cue applause*
1. You are the Queen of Sunday Funday! Tell me what you favorite Sundays are like.

My perfect Sundae involves 3 scoops of rocky road ice cream, bananas and...wait.  You said Sunday?  Not Sundae.  Ok let's start over.  I have to say, being landlocked for so long growing up in the tippy tip top of the Texas Panhandle makes you really appreciate the fact that there are places where the ocean actually touches the land.  Hands down, my favorite Sunday is a beach day.  The best ones are in April or May, when the weather is warm enough to hang out outside but the kids in the area aren't out of school yet so the beach is completely deserted.  Brett and I normally take a cooler (full of craft beer of course) and a football and spend the day alternately laying out and playing catch.  It's so relaxing to be by the water and the whole time we've lived in Jacksonville and been a couple, the beach has been a huge part of our courtship/relationship and will play a big part in our wedding.  That's my favorite place in the world right now.  
2.What book are you currently reading?

These days you'll be lucky to catch a real book in my hands.  Brett got me an iPad for Christmas which makes it so easy to read anywhere because it fits in my purse.  Yes, I have a pretty big purse.  My Mom, Sister, Granny and I all share a Kindle account so whatever they buy I read normally.  We all have similar taste - which means we all will read almost anything we pick up.

It's nice because when we used to travel to see each other we would bring books to trade along with old stories and play all-night Scrabble games.  Since I moved to Florida, it's much harder to get home to see everyone so this is kind of the same thing, only virtual. And minus the Scrabble.  The book I just started reading on the iPad is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.  I have had a weird interest in the Holocaust since my freshman year of college at Baylor when I read Treblinka by Jean-Francois Steiner.  That one's not a light read but it's worth it.
3.Tell me about the name of your blog.

My blog name is really about my journey through life up to this point.  I have had this same blog since January of 2009 (Thanks Blogger Profile for that tidbit of info!) but I just really started seriously blogging about a year ago or so.  I grew up in a tiny town north of Amarillo, Texas and left for college at Baylor the minute I graduated high school.  Two years into school there, I decided that it wasn't right for me (for many different reasons) and on Spring Break of my sophomore year I decided I was going to move to Florida to attend Florida State.  That was March of 2004. By mid-May I had completely packed up my life, rented a crazy summer sublease from someone I never met (and still haven't met, strangely enough) and transplanted my self into a city and state where I didn't know ANYONE.  Looking back, it took some serious cojones to do that.  Chalk it up to youth, I guess.  I've always considered myself a die-hard, lifelong Texan (as every good Texas girl should) but in the last couple of years I can see the Beach-Boys listenin', sand in the hair, freckle-faced Floridian part of me peeking out more and more.  And I don't think that's a bad thing at all!
4. I have to ask... can you tell us a teeny bit about your wedding and honeymoon plans?

Let's see - the wedding ceremony is on the beach with the reception at a beach house about 45 minutes from where we live.  Although you might have already been able to figure that out yourselves... Ummm, I didn't originally want to have bridesmaids due to the planning nightmare it usually is.  I think I still have PTSD from working at David's Bridal for 3 years in college.  We weren't going to have any attendants but then Brett told me wanted to "have his guys stand up there with him" and I thought that was so sweet that I couldn't say no.  All said and done, I ended up with SEVEN bridesmaids.  Go big or go home, right?   We're planning on having a few fun surprises and mostly just a really relaxed, laid back vibe.  The majority of our friends and family are coming from out of town so we want to be able to facilitate a fun Florida vacation with as little hassle to everyone as possible - and get married in the meantime!
5. Everyone knows my life is crazy with Lee, what about yours with Brett?

Life with Brett is always a little nutty.  Since he works in sales, we get to do some really cool things but I usually get notified at the last minute.  I'll get a call at work around 3pm like, "Hey!  I have tickets to see Kings of Leon in St. Augustine - the concert's at 7pm.  You wanna go?"  And I pretty much always say yes because who am I to miss out on an adventure?  Our life is so fun - I mean, we have our squabbles just like everyone else but we're obscenely happy the majority of the time which makes life so much easier.  The best part of the day is coming home to your best friend.

 Everyone, I hope you enjoyed meeting Sarah and will hop on over and visit!

Sunshine State Transplant

Have a great weekend!