Thursday, June 23, 2011

Special Edition Post

**Disclaimer: It takes a LOT to fire me up enough to jump on here and stand on my soap box. In fact the last time I did, it was about Michael Vick.

This week, I had an idea and contacted Debi at The TRUTH About Motherhood and told her I wanted to nominate someone for Throat Punch Thursday. She told me to just go for it myself and link up with her. I am a bit nervous about this...but I will try!

I would like to nominate RICK PERRY for a nice healthy donkey kick to the throat.

I'm a cowboy!! Fuck yeah! Source

Being a born and raised Texan, people probably think I just loooove Rick Perry. Even better, I come from a long line of staunch Republicans. This is certainly NOT the case.

This creep is the epitome of a dirty, lying, no good politician.  I even went out and voted for Bill White (who is great) to try and do my part to get this guy out of office. It didn't work, but now I am betting people are a little regretful of letting him stay in office...

Not real up to date on this current Governor of Texas? Here are a few bullet points:

  • He lives large on government money. First, why a mansion?  I realize that the Governors Mansion is under renovation but you can't chill out in a modest mini mansion? He not only rents this place, he uses the money to pay personal bills and throw parties. Yo, Rick - what about your salary? Oh that went to pay for new guns? Totally understandable. 

  • He wanted Texas to secede from the union. Say what?! What in the world would that gain us? It didn't work the first time, in 1861, and it wouldn't work this time. What makes him think we could survive as our own Republic solely because the Nation as a whole is suffering? Then later he is all "oh yeah, we need a bailout now." *confused*

  • Education is not of the utmost importance evidently, since he cut the state budget by 10 billion dollars and then pretended to not understand why many districts started laying off teachers en mass. I am wondering if he had some mean ass teacher that rapped his hands with a ruler. Or didn't like that he took off 2 weeks in the fall to go deer hunting.  

  • Don't get me started on his abortion views. I just can't go there.  I know we all stand on one side of the fence on this, but he is pulling up the fence posts and stabbing people with them.
 I know that in politics, there are exaggerations and blatant lies. Still, he is up there on the Sarah Palin level of small mindedness and inflated ego.

 Enjoy your Throat Punch, Mr. Perry.



Donald said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the part about picking up the fence posts and stabbing people with SO stealing this for future comments/rants! :)

Jessica DeWitt said...

WHOA.... Way to go Bre. I am always so 'grey' on politics, simply because I don't want to get involved. Obviously, I should be.. but that's an argument for another day.
Good job, friend.

Surviving Suburbia said...

you should move to austin! I think he only got 6% of the vote here. My friend has a perry sticker on her Land Rover (yes Land Rover at 27) and she get nasty honks and looks when she drives around and Austin and wonders why.

Lee said...

Going on record to say that we are moving to Canada if Perry somehow gets elected president.

Diane Haynes said...

Wow!! Way to go Breann !!
You are a ball of fire !!!
I like it when you get on your soap box.

Skye said...

As a Texan, I agree with this about 1000%.

Joshua said...

Wow. Just wow. Glad we don't live in Dallas anymore. Do you walk around with bulletproof helmets and body armor when he's in town?

Donald said...

Re-read this as part of your 2011 recap...and was still laughing out loud at the fence posts line!