Friday, July 24, 2009

Too Long

I don't mean to go so long inbetween posts, but I haven't had much to blog about recently.

I start my class on Monday to help me study for the NCIDQ exam so I can get my Interior Designer license. I have spent a pretty penny so I hope I pass on the first try!

Lee has been traveling all week, so I have been fairly lonesome when I am at home. I had dinner plans all 3 nights but still - from 9 to whenever I would fall asleep (1am?) I was lonely.

Last night I had dinner with my Dad and brought my niece, Mekenzy, her birthday present since her birthday is in August and I usually don't get to see her. I got her an easy bake oven!Now, it looks different than mine! Mine was pink and looked like a quiznos oven! This looks like you put everything inside through the front, but it still has the the good ole slots in the side. She was so excited and I hope she really enjoys it!

Today, Lee's friend Ben has all the furniture companies delivering furniture. Had I known I would need to sit at his house so I wouldn't miss them, I would have. But since he is in meetings, he couldn't give me warning that they are coming so I missed both. One turned right around and came back. The other (Ahem - Room Store) tried to deliver at 8:45am and they still have not returned. He is traveling all day so he couldn't be home to do this.

While I am waiting, I went to Target and got him some sheets, a blanket, and a lamp so that he can enjoy his new bed tonight. I thought it was odd that he would have this massive King Size bed and go home tonight and sleep in a little twin bed. Whatever! Once everything is washed and dried, I will go over and make the bed.

Lee comes home around 8 tonight and I CAN'T WAIT! I miss him so much. The dogs are really not sure at night when we get into bed and he isn't there. They both kind of look for him like he is just running late or something. Then Teddy sleeps on his pillow.

The only thing about all this waiting is I am afraid to go to the grocery store and I know traffic is about to be horrible. Central Market has alot of great specials this week and I am really hooked on shopping there. I need some specific things for breakfast tomorrow, so I may have to wait until almost 7, when traffic is better, and go then. I could still beat Lee home.

Off to finish cleaning this house!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Itty Bitty House

Remember that Alan Jackson song "Itty Bitty?" That is my house.
"Itty bitty house and an itty bitty car."
That is me.

Although I have a new kitchen, I am still overflowing with pots and pans and small appliances. Recently, an idea came up between Donald and I to convert my study closet (since the room is adjacent to the kitchen) so that I could store things on shelves. Initially he was going to build something - but in Lowe's today we stumbled across a free-standing shelving organization deal that was almost exactly what he was going to build. SOLD!
We also hit Container Store since they are having a sale for some box's to store this and that in for the study. Here is the final product.
New: Shelves above the desk as well as the 5 or so box's on the shelving unit.That is 1/2 the unit (i hate sliding doors more than anything these days). We moved the wine fridge into the closet, hoping it would better control the temp. I am going to leave the door cracked for ventilation. And for the first time in MONTHS, my ironing board is put away...
Here is the other side. I like the baskets and I know they will come in handy soon. I just have zero storage in my house!!!
This was a large project only because you have to take everything out of the closet to put it back in. And everything that was in that closet is pretty much trash. I would take a photo of the garage but I just am too embarrassed. Tomorrow's task is to bag up all the garbage out there from my week of cleaning out the closets in the house. I haven't really worked on the guest room yet... that will be another day.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Old Times!

My 10 year high school reunion is coming up and I recently came across these photos from my Junior Prom. There are so many stories in just these 3 photos...
That's me. I think I was about 105 pounds sopping wet. I long for those days again.. Anyway, that is Josh next to me. We only "dated" for about 1 month or something. Just didn't match but he was a super nice guy! I have always been a real non fru-fru person (which is why I am still confused by my wedding dress..) so the plain black dress and not-really-fixed hair is still how I am today.Larry & Beckie, Adam and Christy, Josh and I.
Larry & Beckie: dated for a year or so. He then went off to the Marines and after Adam, her, and I flew to South Carolina to see him graduate - he dumps her. She cries all the way home. Thanks Larry, you still owe me for that plane ticket dude!
Adam & Christy: Dated a month or 2. She never really liked him but he was Larry's best friend and Beckie thought it would be a good match. Christy had eyes for someone else is about all I can say.
Adam is who I ended up dating by the very next month (yes, Christy and I fought about it but I couldn't help it! I liked him alot!) and proceeded to date for 4.5 years...
I already covered Josh and I.I remember this night - we went to El Toro - the nicest place in town really. Christy didn't really talk to Adam all that much. She really wanted to be with this other person and was just going through the motions. I was getting mad at her for being mean to Adam so she was getting mad at me for not being on her side. Even her mom was like "why weren't you being nice to him? He is so nice!"
I start dating Adam, Christy is mad mad mad, then I head off to Michigan for the summer to visit my mom and Adam and I made it work through those 2 months. I am tellin ya - 3 photos brought back lots of memories!
I want to go dig for more. I just know I have some...

Sunny Puppy

Monday, July 6, 2009

Manic Monday

(Stolen from Donald)

What is on your bedside table?
A lamp, a clock, a CD player (for the rain cd we play at night), 2 or 3 small picture frames. Usually a few books.

How many pillows do you have on your bed? Do you make your bed every day?
3 pillows all the time - 2 King size and one small one i use - and there are 3 decorative ones from when I actually do make the bed - which is rare.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sneak Peak

My friend Sabrina had a rather rough time on Friday, and without getting into it, I wanted to show her that I am thinking about her by putting up a photo she took during our session last weekend. I am looking forward to more whenever her heart feels better.You rock and I am patiently awaiting meeting you at a Starbucks in the future to chill and so I can give you a huge hug.

Happy 4th!

Most 4th of July holidays' in the past, we have taken off to Palestine to spend the day at the lake and watch fireworks and be together as a family.
This year, I proposed that everyone bring something since my grandmother ends up cooking every single thing. The other thing that was different this year was the fast that there were about 6 kids there all from ages 3 months to 8 years old. It was a bit nuts!
I got to visit for a good long while with Carlye, a friend from high school. We lost touch for the last 10 years and have recently gotten together a few times. I am so happy to be getting to know her again!I do think my dress was not too flattering....
I also was able to spend a little time with Hannah, my 15 month old niece. She is a hoot but HATES naps. I found that out... We had a nice holiday and I am glad to be home and recovering. My grandmother took lots of photos so I will put them up when I get them from her!