Friday, July 24, 2009

Too Long

I don't mean to go so long inbetween posts, but I haven't had much to blog about recently.

I start my class on Monday to help me study for the NCIDQ exam so I can get my Interior Designer license. I have spent a pretty penny so I hope I pass on the first try!

Lee has been traveling all week, so I have been fairly lonesome when I am at home. I had dinner plans all 3 nights but still - from 9 to whenever I would fall asleep (1am?) I was lonely.

Last night I had dinner with my Dad and brought my niece, Mekenzy, her birthday present since her birthday is in August and I usually don't get to see her. I got her an easy bake oven!Now, it looks different than mine! Mine was pink and looked like a quiznos oven! This looks like you put everything inside through the front, but it still has the the good ole slots in the side. She was so excited and I hope she really enjoys it!

Today, Lee's friend Ben has all the furniture companies delivering furniture. Had I known I would need to sit at his house so I wouldn't miss them, I would have. But since he is in meetings, he couldn't give me warning that they are coming so I missed both. One turned right around and came back. The other (Ahem - Room Store) tried to deliver at 8:45am and they still have not returned. He is traveling all day so he couldn't be home to do this.

While I am waiting, I went to Target and got him some sheets, a blanket, and a lamp so that he can enjoy his new bed tonight. I thought it was odd that he would have this massive King Size bed and go home tonight and sleep in a little twin bed. Whatever! Once everything is washed and dried, I will go over and make the bed.

Lee comes home around 8 tonight and I CAN'T WAIT! I miss him so much. The dogs are really not sure at night when we get into bed and he isn't there. They both kind of look for him like he is just running late or something. Then Teddy sleeps on his pillow.

The only thing about all this waiting is I am afraid to go to the grocery store and I know traffic is about to be horrible. Central Market has alot of great specials this week and I am really hooked on shopping there. I need some specific things for breakfast tomorrow, so I may have to wait until almost 7, when traffic is better, and go then. I could still beat Lee home.

Off to finish cleaning this house!

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Sabrina said...

I saw the "new" Easy Bake oven today at WalMart while I was looking for K a "kitchen" and my first thought was how tiny it is! I remember mine being like the size of a dang microwave! Or was it because I was smaller it was bigger???