Saturday, July 11, 2009

Itty Bitty House

Remember that Alan Jackson song "Itty Bitty?" That is my house.
"Itty bitty house and an itty bitty car."
That is me.

Although I have a new kitchen, I am still overflowing with pots and pans and small appliances. Recently, an idea came up between Donald and I to convert my study closet (since the room is adjacent to the kitchen) so that I could store things on shelves. Initially he was going to build something - but in Lowe's today we stumbled across a free-standing shelving organization deal that was almost exactly what he was going to build. SOLD!
We also hit Container Store since they are having a sale for some box's to store this and that in for the study. Here is the final product.
New: Shelves above the desk as well as the 5 or so box's on the shelving unit.That is 1/2 the unit (i hate sliding doors more than anything these days). We moved the wine fridge into the closet, hoping it would better control the temp. I am going to leave the door cracked for ventilation. And for the first time in MONTHS, my ironing board is put away...
Here is the other side. I like the baskets and I know they will come in handy soon. I just have zero storage in my house!!!
This was a large project only because you have to take everything out of the closet to put it back in. And everything that was in that closet is pretty much trash. I would take a photo of the garage but I just am too embarrassed. Tomorrow's task is to bag up all the garbage out there from my week of cleaning out the closets in the house. I haven't really worked on the guest room yet... that will be another day.

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