Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

There are so many reasons I am glad it's Wednesday already.... the main being that I am off on Friday AND Monday! So that means it's really kinda Thursday for me....

First up is something that makes a world of difference in my house:
The Summer Infant Video Monitor
This keeps me from running into his room every 10 minutes every hour to check on him. Also, in the night, if he starts to fuss I am look at what is going on before actually getting up. Usually he finds a pacifier and is back to sleep in a minute. Love this thing!

Next up is what I am sleeping in every night:
Boxers and a t-shirt
I found that getting boxers in cute girly patterns is hard, since they are only made for pre-teens with no ass. So instead I went over to the men's section and grabbed some small boxers and small plain white tshirts and I am so glad I did. I can sleep in this without being hot and in the event I have to get up in the night, I am dressed appropriately.

Lastly I am obsessed with Logan's new high chair from IKEA:
Before, we had the Graco one. I liked this high chair but it takes up a lot of space in our kitchen and we were always shoving it around to make room:

The IKEA one sits right up to the table when the tray is off and it so much smaller in footprint that we don't trip over it or try and shove it out of the way.
Also, Logan just recently upchucked and all we had to do was take the highchair outside and hose it down, no washing liners required!
I still have the Graco high chair just in case we need it, and I do like the recline feature, but for day to day, the IKEA one fits in nicely in our bungalow.

Something I am NOT loving.. antibiotics. Logan has been on them once before, but this time it's a little different and he is having bad reactions. He has very runny diapers, has thrown up twice, and even had what looked like ant bites on his face and arms! I have to call the Dr tomorrow and let them know what is going on. Until then, no more meds!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

9 Months...

Today marks Logan's 9 month birthday! Things around here are surely changing, and FAST!

Weight: 21 pounds
He pulls up to his knees
He stands supported
He has 2 bottom teeth
He babbles constantly - da da da da, ba ba ba ba,... but no Mama yet!
He has 4 bottles a day (total of 22 ounces a day) plus 3 servings of solids a day (total of 12 ounces of food)
Diaper size: 3
Solids: Stage 2 and 3. Some stage 3 I have to thin out because it's just too thick
He will drink water from a sippy cup
He is becoming less interested in the bottles and more on the food!
He sleeps 11-12 hours a night (from 7pmish to 7amish)
He doesn't really focus on the tv that much
He still army crawls, but will get on all 4's and rock back and forth
He has gone from laying to sitting on his own once... I don't think he realizes he did it!

He is a true joy and here are some 9 month shots:

Playing with Tigger after lunch

Saturday morning play time!

New high chair puff-eating, the wild hair is back!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Pink Eye and Sippy Cups

What a week we had last week! Monday I stayed home because Logan had a red, goopy eye. We go to the Dr and sure enough, it's pink eye. Blegh.
However, they didn't prescribe drops - they prescribed cream. Which means I had to hold down a squirmy pissed off baby to rub cream in his eyes. Guess how much he liked that...

By Thursday, he wasn't looking much better and had a pretty bad cough. I made an appointment for late Friday so I could take him when I got off work - but I didn't get off on time and Lee had to rush out to take him. Now he is on antibiotics, which I think are giving him tummy trouble. He had inflamed ears along with the cough and goopy eye but all that is gone and is replaced with runny diapers. *sigh*

For the past few weeks, I have been working with Logan on sippy cups. I started out with 3 totally different kinds to see which he liked. He seemed to like the Nuby ones the best so I went out and got a few of them.

I also tried the Avent:

And the Nuk:

Then he stopped liking ANY of them and was being really stubborn. Lo and behold which ones does he like? The cheap ass throw away Nuby cups:

The main downside with these are they are hand-me-downs. So another kid has already chewed up the cup and they are old and dingy. Not trying to be a snob, but when you have your first kid, you want everything to be shiny and new. Or at least not chewed up and dingy.
I haven't ordered new ones yet, because I am hoping he goes back to the other Nuby's, but I know they they like what they like...

What about you, what kind of sippy cup trials have you been on?


Friday, August 26, 2011

Final Throwback....

I am just about out of LiveJournal posts.. but here are a few good ones:

I had a Dr appt for reflux diagnosis...

So you THINK you have reflux?
Jan. 15th, 2007 | 02:33 pm
I feel...: cheerful
...Let's take a test to be sure!
So I went to the Dr last week since I had pain when swallowing and I didn't think that was normal. After checking around in my throat, the Dr. decided that it was more than likely reflux. So I was scheduled today to go in and take the official test to see if I have it. Weeeeelll... this test is one of the strangest things I have ever had to do.
I get to the office and I had to put on a gown and robe. The robe was thinner than the gown, so i am not sure what the point was, other than to hide the headlights that were on because it was so damn cold in there! I was told I needed to put on some socks, and since they didn't have any there, so I had to put on mine.... this is where I continued the ride on Humiliation Express. The socks I had decided to wear today were my red and green toe socks. So here i go, walking down the hall in this gown/robe thing and my knee-high red toe socks..
I get into this room and the girl tells me I will be drinking this fizzy stuff and that it may make me want to burp but DON'T! Swollow it back down. Sounds great huh?
So I drink this sour shit and I am making nice faces and I being led to this platform and she hands me a cup about 3/4 full of this white stuff. I think she poured Mylanta into a cup and told me it was something else.
So I am standing on this platform and this little dr guy comes out of no where and is asking me some questions. Then he hides behind this little glass window and starts telling me to drink this white crap and drink it continually until i finish it. GROSS. I wouldn't give this stuff to my worst enemy and here these people are making me drink it in one swoop.
While I am drinking this thing is moving all around me taking pictures of my insides i suppose. When I am done I want really badly to wipe my mouth since I know I have a Mylanta Mustach. Then I am told to turn around and face the back of the platform and lean against it. Without telling me, the wall starts to tilt! Before I know it I am laying on my stomach. It has been tilted about halfway before the dr says "we are tilting the platform." He gets a sign for "Mr. Obvious." So after i am completely laid out, the chick comes back with another glass of that crap and a wierd plastic pillow thing and asks me to lay on my side and drink. So I start to drink and the man says "drink faster if you can." Are you kidding me? This crap is disgusting!
So then I was told to roll onto my stomach, then my right side, then my back, then my left side, then my back, then my right side, then my back again. So I am flopping around on the table like a damn fish and he says "stop breathing." ? Stop breathing? Do you mean hold my breath? Then "Take a deep breath." But he never says to let it out! So I made the executive decision after a moment to let it out. Then he says "Did you feel that?"
Me: No
Him: Well, when you held your breath you refluxed all the way up to the top of your throat.
Me: Oh. *thinking: You think? You just had me drink 2 glasses of shit on an empty stomach and then tilted me in the air and made me roll around for five minutes! ANYONE would reflux after that you asshole*

Naked Flower saving...

Apr. 18th, 2007 | 01:18 pm
Where am I?: Work... shh don't tell!
I feel...: busy
Noise in my head...: Radio Margaritaville
So Monday I bought some pretty flowers for the patio so that it will look festive for the Jimmy Buffett party on Saturday! I got some pretty pink zinnias and some purple petunias. The advice I was given: don’t get the zinnia’s leaves/petals wet when watering, don’t over water the petunias and you will be fine!
Everyone knows that I am a bit of a plant-killer…
Well I am in bed at 10:15 and what happens? It starts to rain…. Buckets… my first thought: my anti-water flowers! They will DIIEEEEE before Saturday and I spent like $50 on all that stuff (I got dirt, fertilizer and impatiens to, but still..)
What do I do?
I jump out of bed and run out in the backyard in nothing but my panties (thank you privacy fence!) and started toteing flowers into the house! It was a real shock to the system to get soaking wet and then stand in the very cold house! So I dry off and get back in bed with wet hair and I am shivering and Lee looks at me and says “You. Are. Crazy.”
I say “I WILL NOT be held responsible for those flowers dieing b/c of a rainstorm!”
He says “my god.”

Oh well, at least my patio will be festive and you can’t tell me that I didn’t try!

Part of my last LJ post .....

Luther passed almost 2 years ago. I had made a comment about how i won't hear Luther's snores anymore or be greeted when I come home.
A few weeks after Luther died, we got Lola. I had much guilt about how quickly we got another dog, but i realized that this was our first dog together (as Luther was my dog since childhood) and that I needed a little bundle to nurture and ease the pain of losing my friend.
Now, Luther always greeted me, up until the last few weeks. Mind you, I had to wake him up off the couch, but he then said hello!!
The amount of greeting I started to get from Lola was pretty high octane! It made me feel needed, let me tell you!
A year after we got Lola, we decided she needed a pal. In June we got Teddy, another mini schnauzer.
Again, the amount of greeting I get when I get home has deafened anyone who happens to be on the phone with me when I come in the door! Barking and "schnauzer screaming" commences while I am still in the garage! I am sure passer-bys wonder what in the world is happening inside!
As for the snoring... Luther's sweet snores came from the floor on his doggie bed. Lola and Teddy both sleep in the bed with us (thank goodness for the King size!) and the snoring is a little more up close!
So once again, I get my greetings and snores.

But now and then, I still open my nightstand, touch Luther's collar, and think of him.
A very, very good dog.

After this post I moved to Blogger... I hope you enojoyed my throw backs!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday Wondering....

Today I saw a blog post that made me laugh out loud and had to share in the fun. Check out Linda at All & Sundry, and her articles on The Stir.

I wonder why husbands do things like this:

Rather than hang up the clothes, let's just pile them on the dresser...
Multiple water glasses... great for fighting off aliens...
Ahh, the end of the day... I think my socks will go nicely here..with my water glass....
While I am sure I do many things that drive him crazy, he will have to start a blog to tell my stories!

Have a great day!


Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Magazines!

Yet another Monday is upon us... so while you drink your coffee and ponder how this day keeps showing up each week like that family member who doesn't get the hint, read a little trash!

This week the rack seemed a little scarce (and trust me, I left the husband in line to scour other aisles for magazines) but let's see what's new.

Looks like the Kardashian mags stayed on a little longer...
Time for more Jennifer talk! In Touch just loves her...
Story: Hooked on Mr. Wrong!
Truth: First of all... this is all from his EX! What ex girlfriend wouldn't be floored if their man ended up with Jennifer Aniston? I am sorry but listening to an ex can be all wrong.
Also: REALLY? Pippa wearing butt pads? Insane.

Story: Tortured by Her Ex
Truth: I am an avid fan of this show, and I don't watch the other Teen Mom/16Pregnant series. I got hooked mainly by Maci and the adoption story of Ty and Braces. Ryan was a real pill of a guy when the baby was born. Maci was the only mom I really saw step up and take responsibility, while the others just wallowed. I don't think she is "tortured" by her ex so much as she is trying to find the balance of being with Kyle and still maintaining a civil relationship with her son's father.
Also: Bachelor Pad Vienna... she is such a tool and man I love watching...

Headline: Growing up Jolie-Pitt!
Story: Rich Rich Rich Rich Rich. And?

Since there wasn't much on the celeb gossip front, I scanned the fashion mags:
I haven't read Cosmo in forever...

And seeing the word "Va-Jay-Jay" on the cover reminds me why..

More sophisticated fare:
Love her. Love fall fashion. I actually subscribe to this one (along with about a dozen others..) and haven't gotten to read it yet.

There is only so much time while keeping the baby out of the dog's water bowl and all.

Happy Monday!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Upcoming Fall TV

Earlier in the week, Joshua did a great post on upcoming movies he may or may not want to see. This reminded me of something I look forward too every year - FALL TV SEASON!

I have been browsing the new shows coming up and have picked a handful or two of new ones I want to try.
**Note, I am getting all my info and photos from TV Guide online - not writing any of the synopsis myself!**

New Girl

 Synopsis: Zooey Deschanel joins big sis Emily on Fox as Jess, a socially awkward gal who moves in with three bachelors (Max Greenfield, Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr., whose part has been recast since Happy Endings was renewed) after getting dumped by her boyfriend. The guys only take in her blubbering, Dirty Dancing-watching mess because her BFF is a model (Hannah Simone). But they soon come to appreciate Jess' quirkiness (Zooey's quirky? You don't say!) and try to snap her out of her funk to help her re-enter the dating scene. So yes, you'll have to suspend disbelief that Zooey Deschanel has trouble attracting guys. 
Why I want to see it: Zooey is super cute and this sounds nice and light hearted. 

Synopsis: The drama stars Emily VanCamp as Emily Thorne, a mysterious woman who heads to the Hamptons under the guise of wooing Daniel (Joshua Bowman), the son of Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe). But she's actually there to exact revenge on the people (ahem, Victoria) who destroyed her family. It's a contemporary re-telling of The Count of Monte Cristo, but Emily Thorne makes for a much prettier little liar than Edmond Dantes. Why I want to see it: I don't really know.. maybe to know more about that guy in the pink pants. And it's the Hamptons...

Prime Suspect
 Synopsis: It's hard to follow in Helen Mirren's footsteps, but that's exactly what Maria Bello is out to do. An adaptation of the British series — for which Mirren won two Emmys — the procedural follows Detective Jane Timoney (Bello), a badass New York City cop who tries to prove herself in a male-dominated precinct.
Why I want to see it: I am a huge sucker for detective/cop/medical shows.

 Pan Am
Synopsis: Come fly with them! Set in the '60s, the drama centers on the loves and lives of stewardesses (led by Christina Ricci) of the iconic titular airline. Although lauded as symbols of sleek, Jet Age glamour, their personal lives are full of turbulence. Kelli Garner, Margot Robbie and Karine Vanasse round out the Barbie doll-like crew, who are as adept at coffee service as they are at… oh wait, we can't ruin that twist. Why I want to see it:   Gotta see what kind of show lured Christina Ricci onto TV!

Synopsis: The artists formerly known as Angela Chase and Inigo Montoya, aka Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin, headline this suspense thriller that's based on an Israeli series. Danes plays CIA officer Carrie Anderson, who is suspicious about the intel that led to the rescue of U.S. soldier Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) 10 years after he went missing during the invasion of Baghdad. Patinkin plays her boss and mentor, Saul, in his first TV gig since his controversial exit from Criminal Minds four years ago. Here's to history not repeating.
 Why I want to see it: First, it's on Showtime and Second, it's Claire Danes.

American Horror Story
 Synopsis: Ryan Murphy returns to FX with Glee co-creator Brad Falchuk for this psychosexual horror mystery series. Dylan McDermott and Connie Britton star as Ben and Vivien Sherman, a couple who moves to Los Angeles to make a fresh start only to find that their new home is not exactly warm and cozy. Instead, there's a creepy creature in the basement and at least one character who may or may not be dead. Jessica Lange and Denis O'Hare co-star. 
Why I want to see it: Love Glee. and it has Tammi Taylor! 

Synopsis: Better brush up on your German. Grimm's Fairy Tales gets a procedural twist with Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli), a detective who discovers his destiny is to protect humans from the storybook baddies that have invaded our real world.
Why I want to see it: I have slight interest in this one, so I will give it one or two shows and see how I feel about it.  

Playboy Club
Synopsis: Another '60s-set period drama, The Playboy Club is pretty self-explanatory at this point. The series follows a group of Bunnies (including newbie Maureen, played by Amber Heard) and the guys in their lives, particularly Nick Dalton (Eddie Cibrian), a shady attorney and club keyholder who comes to Maureen's aid after she accidently kills a grabby mobster in self-defense. Sexual politics and organized crime? We're in!Why I want to see it: Love this era and can't wait to see the bunnies!

Add to these the shows I already watch, and anything new that pops up on Bravo, and we have a nice full line up.

*New Show
*Record Late means I will record the rerun to avoid the DVR from not allowing us to watch live TV.

What about you? What new shows are you looking forward to watching?


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

There was a young boy....

There was a young boy named Christopher Robin Logan, who played in the Hundred Acre Wood Highchair each day. Among him were all his friends, who were fun in each and every way...

They gathered around for a new adventure, where Logan revealed that a source told him that Eeyore was short his gambling debts for the month.
Gimme my money or end up like Piglet!
He was never to show his face in the card room again until he paid up the 10 large he owed.

You got 5 days! 5 days to get me all of it!
In order to reenforce how serious he was, Logan paid a visit to Eeyore's friend Winnie...
You and that sidekick of yours Eeyore better get me my money or else...
Logan then gave him the worst threat of all...
I'll eat your face off!! You don't want to end up like Tig, do you?
So thus it was a very interesting day in the Highchair for Logan and his wiseguys friends, who went on to share milk and puffs while contemplating the next shakedown.

**Disclaimer - this post was heavily influenced by my husband, who wanted to turn this innocent play scene into a Sopranos-esque story. I hope you enjoyed it!**

Monday, August 15, 2011

Magazine Rack

Once again I am standing in line at the grocery store and I see the crazy celeb magazines. I admit, I am a reformed celebrity magazine junkie. I used to eat them up and read them on the way home from the store. I used to read Perez Hilton's site daily.
Now? If it isn't in Entertainment Weekly magazine (which is mostly about movies and tv shows) then I don't really know what's going on. I am an avid fan of sites like The Stir and MamaPop (both written by fellow bloggers), which gives me a celebrity fix without going over board.

When I see these magazines, I am always curious of the REAL story behind the headline. Let's get started shall we?

The Rack in Question
 First up let's address poor Jennifer Aniston, who is on a whopping 3 magazines at once!!
Headline: Jen and Justin's Shotgun Wedding! (with preggo photo in the corner)
Real Story: PMS with a flowy shirt. Who hasn't been there?

Headline: Yes I'm Having a Baby! (with another shot of the flowy shirt)
Real Story: have you googled "Jennifer Aniston Headlines" in awhile? As I was searching for the images I noticed that every time she is dating she is ready for the "wedding of the year" or is pregnant OR is Adopting! TWINS! I bet if I would have the time to peruse this magazine, it would have been all talk about how bad she WANTS a baby. That doesn't sell magazines, I suppose.

Headline: Trying for a Baby! (aaaand there is that purple shirt again)
Real Story: See below the big yellow text? "to start a family..." This is the one magazine so far that isn't assuming she is already pregnant and showing and actually making a statement that maybe she is just thinking about having a kid.
I am a big Jennifer fan. If she wants to have a baby then that is great. But at this point, it all seems like "crying wolf" from the magazines and when she really IS pregnant, it will take extensive proof to believe it!

Moving on to the next big selling cover - Kardashians!

Headline: Secrets of Kim's Wedding
Real Story: There will be an insanely expensive dress that makes her ass look even bigger, her sisters are both Maid/Matron of honor, Mason is the ring bearer, and her mother will make the day be about her instead. Sound about right?

Headline: Kate-Refusing to Eat
Real Story: British food is terrible and maybe she has a bad case of morning pukes (oh look I am starting a new rumor!) Please don't drive this woman crazy like they did Princess Di. PLEASE.
And look... Jennifer news in the side bar...

Lastly - Sandra!
Headline: How Sandra Got her Groove Back!
Real Story: She dumped that cheating thug, probably banged hottie Ryan, and has a sweet little boy and some recent super hit movies. However, I do like People magazine and feel they are the most legit with their news, and at least this headline doesn't insinuate anything happening.
Seriously with Beiber? SERIOUSLY? (side note: now I know how my parents felt about NYOKB)

There you have it, another case of blown-out-of-proportion celeb magazines.

Have a great week!