Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

There are so many reasons I am glad it's Wednesday already.... the main being that I am off on Friday AND Monday! So that means it's really kinda Thursday for me....

First up is something that makes a world of difference in my house:
The Summer Infant Video Monitor
This keeps me from running into his room every 10 minutes every hour to check on him. Also, in the night, if he starts to fuss I am look at what is going on before actually getting up. Usually he finds a pacifier and is back to sleep in a minute. Love this thing!

Next up is what I am sleeping in every night:
Boxers and a t-shirt
I found that getting boxers in cute girly patterns is hard, since they are only made for pre-teens with no ass. So instead I went over to the men's section and grabbed some small boxers and small plain white tshirts and I am so glad I did. I can sleep in this without being hot and in the event I have to get up in the night, I am dressed appropriately.

Lastly I am obsessed with Logan's new high chair from IKEA:
Before, we had the Graco one. I liked this high chair but it takes up a lot of space in our kitchen and we were always shoving it around to make room:

The IKEA one sits right up to the table when the tray is off and it so much smaller in footprint that we don't trip over it or try and shove it out of the way.
Also, Logan just recently upchucked and all we had to do was take the highchair outside and hose it down, no washing liners required!
I still have the Graco high chair just in case we need it, and I do like the recline feature, but for day to day, the IKEA one fits in nicely in our bungalow.

Something I am NOT loving.. antibiotics. Logan has been on them once before, but this time it's a little different and he is having bad reactions. He has very runny diapers, has thrown up twice, and even had what looked like ant bites on his face and arms! I have to call the Dr tomorrow and let them know what is going on. Until then, no more meds!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Joshua said...

I understand that video monitor. I had a co-worker who hooked one up to the TV in their bedroom and left it on all night. Creeped me out a little bit.

Jessica DeWitt said...

Sweet highchair. Hope the doctor gives you some useful information about the meds!

Chloe said...

Long live IKEA!!

Joshua said...

Speaking of IKEA, I meant to post this earlier for you. There's a guy I listen to name Jonathan Coulton, and this is his IKEA song.

Carlin said...

summer infant monitor rocks!!!!!!!!

Breann said...

Joshua - that is so funny!
Jess - yeah no meds for now, will see how he is on Friday.
Chloe - I only get my nerves up to go about twice a year but I do love it!
Carlin - you are the one that introduced me to it!! :)