Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Magazines!

Yet another Monday is upon us... so while you drink your coffee and ponder how this day keeps showing up each week like that family member who doesn't get the hint, read a little trash!

This week the rack seemed a little scarce (and trust me, I left the husband in line to scour other aisles for magazines) but let's see what's new.

Looks like the Kardashian mags stayed on a little longer...
Time for more Jennifer talk! In Touch just loves her...
Story: Hooked on Mr. Wrong!
Truth: First of all... this is all from his EX! What ex girlfriend wouldn't be floored if their man ended up with Jennifer Aniston? I am sorry but listening to an ex can be all wrong.
Also: REALLY? Pippa wearing butt pads? Insane.

Story: Tortured by Her Ex
Truth: I am an avid fan of this show, and I don't watch the other Teen Mom/16Pregnant series. I got hooked mainly by Maci and the adoption story of Ty and Braces. Ryan was a real pill of a guy when the baby was born. Maci was the only mom I really saw step up and take responsibility, while the others just wallowed. I don't think she is "tortured" by her ex so much as she is trying to find the balance of being with Kyle and still maintaining a civil relationship with her son's father.
Also: Bachelor Pad Vienna... she is such a tool and man I love watching...

Headline: Growing up Jolie-Pitt!
Story: Rich Rich Rich Rich Rich. And?

Since there wasn't much on the celeb gossip front, I scanned the fashion mags:
I haven't read Cosmo in forever...

And seeing the word "Va-Jay-Jay" on the cover reminds me why..

More sophisticated fare:
Love her. Love fall fashion. I actually subscribe to this one (along with about a dozen others..) and haven't gotten to read it yet.

There is only so much time while keeping the baby out of the dog's water bowl and all.

Happy Monday!



em said...

I'm hooked on the Bachelor Pad! Love that trash!!

averyswifeliz said...

I am loving the Bachelor Pad series and magazines just make me swoon! Reading your post reminded me that I haven't cracked into my August Marie Claire issue yet...better get to it if September is already out.

Joshua said...

Oh yeah, I'll be the Jolie-Pitts are just strained to make ends meet.

As far as Cosmo goes, their "Go Naked" campaign is intriguing. Show me...I mean, tell me more.

Jessica DeWitt said...

Once I get my Nook or Kindle, I will be able to read much more magazine trash!! Thanks for keeping me updated in the mean time!!