Monday, August 29, 2011

Pink Eye and Sippy Cups

What a week we had last week! Monday I stayed home because Logan had a red, goopy eye. We go to the Dr and sure enough, it's pink eye. Blegh.
However, they didn't prescribe drops - they prescribed cream. Which means I had to hold down a squirmy pissed off baby to rub cream in his eyes. Guess how much he liked that...

By Thursday, he wasn't looking much better and had a pretty bad cough. I made an appointment for late Friday so I could take him when I got off work - but I didn't get off on time and Lee had to rush out to take him. Now he is on antibiotics, which I think are giving him tummy trouble. He had inflamed ears along with the cough and goopy eye but all that is gone and is replaced with runny diapers. *sigh*

For the past few weeks, I have been working with Logan on sippy cups. I started out with 3 totally different kinds to see which he liked. He seemed to like the Nuby ones the best so I went out and got a few of them.

I also tried the Avent:

And the Nuk:

Then he stopped liking ANY of them and was being really stubborn. Lo and behold which ones does he like? The cheap ass throw away Nuby cups:

The main downside with these are they are hand-me-downs. So another kid has already chewed up the cup and they are old and dingy. Not trying to be a snob, but when you have your first kid, you want everything to be shiny and new. Or at least not chewed up and dingy.
I haven't ordered new ones yet, because I am hoping he goes back to the other Nuby's, but I know they they like what they like...

What about you, what kind of sippy cup trials have you been on?



Jessica DeWitt said...

Tried the same cups, plus another couple I got from a resale shop... still only likes the Take N Toss.
Apparently, these boys don't like shiney, new, and gadgety like we do!

I'm Angela! said...

Child #1 didn't like any sippy cups whatsoever. She finally settled on a simple hard-spout sippy without handles, but pretty quickly picked up on using a regular big-girl cup.

Child #2 only likes soft-spouted sippys with handles (platex brand, I think). She just turned 2 and so far has no inclination to learn to drink from a big-girl cup.

We have now a plethora of sippys in my house, and so far no one to hand them down to....


Joshua said...

Neither of mine liked the Take & Toss at all for the cup usage.

I do use the Take & Toss to bring milk to work for tea, though.

brianandhilary620 said...

We tried the Tilty, which I really wanted him to like. He did, sort of. I'm going to try again soon. They're kind of like the Take & Toss, but easier to sip from... you should try it!

Right now, Jameson is using the Munchkin sippy cups, and a cheapo leaky plastic one.

Donald said...

WTH looks like a demon, the way that the handles pointing up!

It's one thing to try and be different...but wow. Fail Nuk, fail...