Monday, January 30, 2012

My Memories Digital Scrabook - GIVEAWAY!

I'm. NOT. Crafty.

I glue my fingers together.
I staple my shirt to the paper.
I maybe get more glitter in my hair than I do on the paper.

So when My Memories approached me about reviewing Digital Scrapbooking Software, my ears perked up. I love computers. I am always more comfortable with computers. I sit on one all day at my job and I am in charge of most of our technological training.

You can say that I may be creative, but not good with my hands!

Downloading couldn't have been easier.

Once I downloaded the product, I started poking around.
I picked a standard template and started tweaking it.
I started changing colors and text and adding photos, with many easy to understand buttons and menus to choose from.
 Finished Product:

I know this is a little simple, but it literally took me 10 minutes. I can't imagine what I could come up with if I had an hour to sit and play around.

If you look closely to the menu bar on the left hand side of the software, there are templates you can download for free if you aren't finding what you need already loaded.

Basically the possibilities are ENDLESS.

My favorite part about My Memories has to be the endless creative outlets. I created a photobook through another software over the holidays and I was very limited in design and extras. This is just like paper scrapbooking with with easy edits and NO GLUE!

Here's the fun part for YOU!

You can get the My Memories Suite for $29.97 using the code STMMMS23148, PLUS get a $10 coupon for the My store! Just visit this link and add the Suite to your cart, enter the promo code at checkout to receive the $10 off.

One of you will win the My Memories Suite ( a $39.97 value)!

To Enter: 

For extra entries: 
I will close this down on Thursday and announce the winner on Friday! Good luck!!

*Thank you to My Memories for the software so that I could review, giveaway, and have a new obsession :) *


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Product of the Week

It's not a secret that I am a bit of a wino. Therefore I thought it would be most appropriate if my product of the week was wine related.

For Christmas I was given the ultimate of coolest gifts.

A Corkcicle.

WHAT is a Corkcicle you ask?

It's this:

Via: Amazon
It's this nifty little thing you put in your white wine to keep it cold so you can leave it on the table and reduce those pesky trips to the refrigerator.

The only downside?

I have yet to have a bottle of wine last long enough to really use it much...

Don't judge me.

So, my fellow wine lovers, get yourself a Corkcicle!

Life's too short to get up a bajillonty times to refill your glass!

Link up and tell us your product of the week!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mission Organization

I have been on a bit of an organization kick.

See we live in a 1,200 square foot 1954 "ranch" house. 3 bedrooms, one bath. We are cozy to say the least.

I mean, I have to share one bathroom with my husband folks!

Needless to say, things get piled and shoved around until I can't take it anymore and i do something about it.

First I attacked the Living Room Play Room. I went to Target and bought 2 pop up laundry baskets to sort toys. One has little toys, one has the bigger ones.
This makes cleaning up at night so much faster. Plus as we teach him to sort and put things away I can feel like I am super mom for thinking up a learning game!

Then I designated another basket for stuff that has parts that need to stay together, like his wooden puzzle train, etc.
I also chose another shelf for his books. Granted all he wants to do right now is pull them all off the shelf, but at least when he is in bed it looks like I deliberately put the books there.
Now let's ignore the fingerprints on the glass door...

Now onto the 3rd bedroom in our house which is a dual function Guest Room and Office. I have been drooling over the Pottery Barn Office System for YEARS. Finally I just splurged and ordered it. Now above the desk is a mini command center that will hopefully help keep junk off the desk itself.

Have you been organizing lately? Any big projects?


Monday, January 23, 2012

Girly Baby Shower

Saturday morning I co-hosted a shower for a very good friend of mine, Carlin! This is her second baby but it's a girl so it was time to lavish her in all things pink!

The Table

The Cake - Nothing "Bundt" Cakes

The bud vase holds up the letter


Blood Orange Mimosas

Katie - my co-host


French Toast, potatoes, eggs, chicken sausage, and fruit to make you feel healthy!

Congrats Carlin!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Product of the Week

Well hello there everyone, welcome!

It's that time of the week where I tell you all about something that makes me super happy in some way. While the obvious thing would be wine, I decided to think hard about something that makes life better and settled on this:

Williams Sonoma
Flexible measuring cups.

For one - GENIUS!

For two - it is a set of three - so you don't have to dirty the large one to measure one cup of wine liquid for a recipe. You can microwave them too. There is even a picture of someone using an immersion blender in the large one.


So these cups make my kitchen time happy.

To be fair, these do too:

Which should need no explanation...

*Check out other Products of the Week here!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Where I Blog

I saw this going around and decided to participate.

The hard part about this is that I don't always blog in the same place. Sometimes I blog from our office at home. Sometimes I blog at the kitchen table. Most of the time I blog while I watch TV at night after Logan is asleep. It usually looks like this:

I first saw this over at Coffee Lovin Mom (we could be the same person I think...) and then there is a bigger link up here:



Monday, January 16, 2012

Facts about me

*I am sorry. All out of ideas for the moment. Here is a little place holder. See you back Wednesday for a link up!*
1. Favorite snack food: 

2. Favorite place you've ever visited:
St. Thomas, Coki Beach

3. Favorite movie:
 Forgetting Sarah Marshall, or Dan in Real Life

4. Favorite childhood memory: 
Playing kick ball in the back yard with my dad under the magnolia tree

5. Favorite candle scent: 
Scentsy: Mochadoodle

6. Favorite way to travel: 
Hate traveling

7. Favorite Starbucks drink: 
Pretty much a Grande NonFat Vanilla Latte person

8. All time favorite meal: 
Spaghetti with Meatballs/Meatsauce

9. If you could be on a reality show which one would you choose?: 
I always thought real world would be interesting. Would I be the boring one reading a book instead of partying? Yeah probably.

10. A fun fact about you: 
I can only sleep with my foot sticking out of the covers, and never in socks.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012...and the appearance of zombies

As an avid fan of all things zombies (even before the recent trendiness of it) I have often discussed with Donald how we would all survive in the event of a zombiepocolypse. Now with this whole 2012 Mayan Calendar thing, this seems to come to my mind a lot.

Plus Sara's post on Facebook made me laugh out loud:

While watching The Walking Dead a few weeks ago, I started thinking about how that pregnant chick is pretty screwed while being pregnant during the apocalypse.

Seeing how pregnancy can suck sometimes even in a perfect society, I have come up with a list of reasons it would suck to be pregnant during a zombie apocalypse.

  1. You can't exactly
 2. There won't be any more leisurely shopping trips to the mall when it's 180 degrees outside.
But there was a sale at Pea and the Pod!
 3. Want to take a walk around the block? I wouldn't advise that... It's a little worse than a mailman being harassed by a chihuahua.
Damn ankle biters!

4. Zombies are just gross!
How YOU doin?
No meds for you!

While being a survivor sans baby would be hard enough, at least you could concentrate on turning your new wee one into a major zombie killin machine. Did you read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? Those girls were awesome.

Looks like Lee and I better get Logan into an archery class asap...


Friday, January 6, 2012

What Happens When I Try To Nap

Setting: Home. Logan is in his crib and has just fallen asleep. This normally means there are 1.5-2.5 hours for me to either do whatever I want, or also try and take a nap. Before Logan, I could yawn once and pass out for 3 hours and still go to bed at 10 or 11. Now, a nap is nearly impossible unless I am sick.

Many things happen when I try to take a nap. The asshole dogs next door bark at the wind. My phone vibrates with text messages. My own asshole dogs bark at squirrels out the back door.

Most of the time, what stands between myself and a nap is my own mind, going 150 miles an hour, no matter how tired I feel when I lay down. I am sure it looks/sounds a little something like this.

Ok so I have about an hour or so to nap that would be so nice if I could actually nap fall asleep fall asleep you never know how long you have to sleep because he could wake up I hope dinner turns out good tonight because I worked really hard on it and i need to stop trying new things with guests because it usually sucks and i am apologizing for it instead of looking amazing speaking of i am so glad i have lost 13 pounds but i am pretty scared i am about to gain it all back i wonder if those clothes in the garage still fit i would need a red cardigan to go with that skirt if it does where do i find a red cardigan that would be cute for valentines day wait am i too old for valentines day being all married with a kid now i really want some chocolate i wonder if that movie is done burning at the computer i need to assign the artwork to it gotta get to Star gotta get to Star gotta get to Star i freaking hate that commercial and the jingle gets stuck in my head all day and it's too expensive to really shop there anyway and I always feel like I am settling for lesser furniture than i really wanted i wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad buy all of the things i never had i need to read the lyrics to the rap part of that song but i know he says something about Oprah and i do own the glee version in itunes i wonder if that movie is done burning yet so i can start the other one oh my god my phone is buzzing again what it's been 30 minutes since i laid down oh my god may i should just get up and drink coffee since i never finish a cup when he is awake i wish I was Lola she is always asleep oh screw it I am up...

How about you? Good napper?


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Spring TV

Now that the Holidays are over and we are all back to work and school, what do we "look forward to?"
Um - hello? SPRING TV!

New mid-season shows, returning shows, etc. Here is my little spreadsheet:

It's actually a little sparse. We fill this in with crap on Bravo and HGTV. Right now Lee is obsessed with Pawn Stars and American Pickers. We may also stumble upon some shows we like that aren't on here. For instance I didn't know anything about Once Upon a Time and then I watched a few episodes and now I love it!

How about you? Looking forward to any returning or new shows?


Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Recap

This little blog came a long way in 2011. My inspiration grew with the birth of Logan and continues as I try and find my footing as a "mommy blogger." Here are the top 10 posts as dictated by Google Analytics.

10. And then He was 1 -  The dude man turned one, no matter how much I denied it.

9. Pink Eye and Sippy Cups - I ranted a little about sippy's...

8, 7, & 6: Our Love Story - Parts 1, 2, and 4! (part 3 must have been a little boring.. sorry!)

5. Upcoming Fall Tv - which reminds me it's time to make the winter tv schedule...

4. Evil Pumpkins - The pumpkin patch rose against Logan

3. Enough Already! - I was sick of the heat. In fact it still hasn't gotten cold enough for me this season.

2. Special Edition Post - In which I Throat Punched Rick Perry

1. Frumps - It means a lot to me that this was the all time viewed post of the year because I had to really just put myself out there. I was really struggling with being back to work after Logan. I still do but as he gets more... energetic... I am thankful for daycare to burn that all off for him!

This year was a whirlwind, from raising a baby, overcoming PPD, giving the blog a facelift, going back to work, and the list goes on and on. Some days I feel like I kick ass, others I feel kicked in the face.

I am trying to focus on fresh topics and ideas to get more readership, as I see it slipping and comments dwindling. I need to re-focus on commenting on all of your lovely blogs - because as I get busier I seem to just scroll through them and read and move on. I am so sorry, as I do love comments and I know you do too.

Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for visiting and please come back!