Thursday, January 19, 2012

Product of the Week

Well hello there everyone, welcome!

It's that time of the week where I tell you all about something that makes me super happy in some way. While the obvious thing would be wine, I decided to think hard about something that makes life better and settled on this:

Williams Sonoma
Flexible measuring cups.

For one - GENIUS!

For two - it is a set of three - so you don't have to dirty the large one to measure one cup of wine liquid for a recipe. You can microwave them too. There is even a picture of someone using an immersion blender in the large one.


So these cups make my kitchen time happy.

To be fair, these do too:

Which should need no explanation...

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Tiffanie {Pineapples and Pickles} said...

LOVE those measuring cups. Where did you find them?

dottie said...

LOVE Williams Sonoma! Must get these!

Cheryl E. said...

Oh my goodness how great are these?!! I have a WS gift card so I will be checking these out for sure!

Alyssa said...

I've got to get those measuring cups! I'm forever using mine and then realizing I need it again and have to wash it. Thanks!

♥Jess said...

Is this not BRILLIANT? First I must say I am the most gulliable kitchen gadget buyer. My husband thinks I'm crazy but it makes life so much easier, right? Glad you agree!

THanks for the link to buying it. Sooo worth $24.??.

Good Share!

Ginny said...

Love em'!! Thanks for sharing and I'll have to go check them out at my local Williams Sonoma store! New follower.

Holly said...

Those measuring cups actually look like a really good idea! Thanks for sharing! :)