Thursday, June 11, 2015


2015. NOt a real fan at the moment.

I previously updated on our 2015 HERE
It hasn't improved very much.

We did find out we officially were having a girl back in May. I'm pretty jazzed about it because since she is quite the surprise in our lives, having one of each will be cool. Plus I hope it teaches Logan a little patience and how to be a protective older brother.

April and May were otherwise quiet for us so I should have known that June would be the next stressful time to jump out at us...

May 29th I had an ultrasound and there was a "bright spot" on the left ventricle of Ellie's heart (oh we confirmed again it IS a girl...) She had no other issues other than she is in the 96% of size and her belly is a little big. I am worried I am developing Gestational Diabetes but I can't do anything about that until my test on July 1.
So back to the bright spot.
It is considered to be a "soft marker" for chromosome issues like Downs and Trisomy 13. Don't google that... it's afwul.
So I spent from the 29th through June 8th terrified there was something wrong while I waited on the test results. Finally I got the all clear. *whew*.

In the meantime, we left on the 31st for Hawaii. We had a lovely time in Kauai at the Grand Hyatt for Lee's 100% Club (work incentive trip). We had been to the resort before so I knew I was going to enjoy my coconut latte's and the saltwater lagoon on the property.

We get home and all of a sudden.... the toilets won't flush. The showers won't drain.


The initial fix wasn't going to be cheap but it wasn't as bad as we anticipated.


Currently my yard looks like this:
In the process of fixing the issue, it was discovered that all our pipes are cast iron in concrete and they are so badly disintegrating that they couldn't couple the new pipe with the old.

All. New. Pipes. to the city line (behind the pool).

Not cheap, folks.

At least they made sure we could function in the house until this was all fixed. Hopefully by Friday the trench is filled in and they can start fixing the patio they had to wreck.

Happy June.

Even our pastor said "Dude. you guys are having a cursed year."

'Nuff said.