Friday, January 29, 2010

Why you live in Texas - in January

Sunday was absolutely picture perfect. 70 degrees with a breeze and clear skies. Just enough to need long sleeves and to open the windows in your house.
To hide from the constant noise of Call of Duty on the PS3 (and surround sound..) I grabbed a book and went outside with the babies to lay in the hammock.
Lola really enjoyed it!
(Please ignore the dead grass. Thanks to the snow we got last month...)
And Teddy liked the breeze in his beard. He loves being outside so much!Today, on the other hand, it is rainy and cold, in the 50's. I am off to look at new bedding and boots, and to help my friend Bethany get some granite and backsplash with my designer discount.
Happy Friday!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


The baby bug has bitten. And i am not sure there is a cure.
And Lee keeps getting ancy and moving up the "pull the goalie" date.
We are around May now, rather than August / September or "Next year."

One day, I am all about it. Other days - I look at my dogs and how much we love them and how much life would change if a rugrat appeared.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Extra Moola

At the end of this month, I will have a nice reimbursable from my company for my exam and license registration. I don't really know what to do with the money. Here are some options:
1. Container Store: Our closet is a mess. I want the custom organization kit from there. It's pretty pricey.

2. Plantation Shutters: the dogs bark. All day. At everything. This would solve that problem and still allow for me to let air and light into the house. (Thank you double hung windows!)

3. Really awesome bedding. Should I shop around and look at lots of places for sheets and duvet and throw pillows? Or go for the ones I have chosen from Pottery Barn?
We also need to paint. Arg.

4. Something for Lee: I want to get him a small something for being so supportive of my studying and everything I went through for this exam.

I can either go for the shutters alone, or possible combine Bedding, Closet, and Lee's gift (depending on what I find.) I think the bedroom renovation would make me really happy - but the shutters are something we need as well.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wii Fit Mii's

Meet my family!

Dear Starbucks

While I realize that the post holiday drink is usually the "Skinny" versions of your latte's, please be a tad careful how you ask people if they want one.
It would better to just not ask a woman at all.
If i walk in the store, you look at me, and then say "Would you like a skinny latte today?" - you just called me fat.
If I order a latte and you ask "Would you like a skinny one?" - you just called me fat.
If you at all ask me if I want non-fat anything - you just called me fat.
I am an avid Starbuck's visitor - I order my drinks the correct way. I don't say "medium" and I call out the order of size, syrup, coffee, and sweetner plainly.
So when I say " i would like a grande vanilla latte" i don't need you to look at me and say "Would you like to make that skinny?"
No. I want my latte the way I ordered it.
Let your cutesy drawings of the skinny latte's on your chalkboard advertise for you.
Don't ever ask me again.


Friday, January 15, 2010


3 hours at the Mini Dealership - had to take a stinky cab ride home.

That left me without a car to go to the store and pick up supplies to make Lee and awesome dinner to surprise him for closing a huge deal.

I laid on the couch and did nothing but get heartburn.

I am sleepy, bloaty, pissy, and just want to go hide under the covers!


Monday, January 11, 2010


When you think of a nanny/maid - you may think of Alice from the Brady Bunch. She picks up odds and ends at the market, watches your zillion kids, and cooks dinner.
Now there is an Alice for everyone! Well - minus the kid watching, but Tiffanie and I are working on sharing a Nanny someday. Oh yeah - meet my long time friend Tiffanie - and she is a new blogger.

Hello Tiffanie!

Ok back to Go here. Shop here. Free shipping. Great deals.
Stop reading and go now.

(let me know if you want a referral email from me - you get $10 off your first $50 purchase!)

And if this Alice falls in love with the butcher, you are so left out of the drama!

Canopy - Interior

I enjoyed our brunch at Canopy on Sunday very much (see here) but I was also thrilled with the interior design of the space as well.
The walls, whichever sections weren't covered in beautiful wood panels, were painted just plain bright white. Even the ceiling was addressed with an awesome wood piece.There were gorgeous panels that separated dining areas that made you feel like you were sitting in a tree looking at the sky. The floor was scored, stained concrete, finishing off that modern and non-fussy feeling.
I couldn't stop messing with our table. I was constantly touching and "scratching" it because it feels like corrugated cardboard, but in a beautiful apple / lime green.The bench fabric was almost a chenille and the chairs were the same wood as the walls, and curved nicely to fit your bottom comfortably.
My only complaint was that it got rather loud. There were so many hard surfaces for the noise to bounce off of. The table next to us (my unknown-to-them-models) were having a lot of trouble getting their food, which could have been an issue with the newness of the place. We got our food rather quickly, the blood orange mimosas were awesome, and overall enjoyed the waiter (though he was kind of MIA some of the time...)

I want to go back for dinner for sure. The price point is kind of high, but nowadays, who isn't?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Hell Week?

This week has been really really stressful and full of internal conflicts. and basic annoyances.

1. Crazy Client. He is indecisive, rude, and condescending. While I consider myself an expert in being condescending, this guy is pretty bad. He will take credit for things that we designed that turned out awesome, but will beat us to death for things that didn't come out JUST RIGHT - without even giving us a chance to really fix it. UGH.

This lead to me having many internal conflicts. Am I in the right profession? Am I good at what I do?
I just got my license and now I have all sorts of pressure to be better, smarter, and more on my toes.
Note: this pressure is self inflicted

2. My cousin called and asked me to be the godmother of her little girl - meaning I would be the guardian if something ever happens to her and her husband. I felt pretty honored!
Internal conflict - boooooy would everyone else in the family be PISSED. Especially her dad. See, I am the family member that never visits, is too important to call, and downright hoity toity. So, god forbid, something happens to her and her husband and I get her child.... my family would never understand her reasoning. And I can't really tell them - well I am the most stable person. My husband and I have great jobs that we have both been in for years. We have a home we own. Sure, we don't go home much to visit - for reasons I can't ever tell them - but that honestly doesn't mean I love them any less.

3. My damn phone stopped making noise. usually when you unlock it, it makes a noise. When you type on it, it makes a noise. It is doing none of that. Thankfully, the restore and backup is easy with iTunes. So this was more of an annoyance.
Internal Conflict: what apps do I just plain delete because i don't use them?

If only all problems were that simple...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hello - We are the Nash's - and we like Wine

Hello Nash's.

365 days = 194 bottles of wine in our house. That does not count the times we ate out and had wine, took wine to someone's house to drink, or anything like that. Sometimes, if i remembered, I would grab the cork off the table if we went to a BYOW place to eat.

We decided we wanted to try and beat that number this year.

So we drank (with 5 other people) 7 bottles of wine last night. and had Whataburger for breakfast.

Then we decided to each lose 15 pounds or more.

Hmmmmm.... not sure how this is going to work!

Now I need to make a framed cork board to hang up and show our 2009 drunken brigade.

Oh hi.

I am alive.
Christmas was great! Relaxing and wonderful having alot of time off of work to spend with Lee and the pups.
I have also been cooking alot but forgetting to take photos.

New years Resolution: Pay more attention to my blog!!

I will start tomorrow. :)