Friday, January 8, 2010

Hell Week?

This week has been really really stressful and full of internal conflicts. and basic annoyances.

1. Crazy Client. He is indecisive, rude, and condescending. While I consider myself an expert in being condescending, this guy is pretty bad. He will take credit for things that we designed that turned out awesome, but will beat us to death for things that didn't come out JUST RIGHT - without even giving us a chance to really fix it. UGH.

This lead to me having many internal conflicts. Am I in the right profession? Am I good at what I do?
I just got my license and now I have all sorts of pressure to be better, smarter, and more on my toes.
Note: this pressure is self inflicted

2. My cousin called and asked me to be the godmother of her little girl - meaning I would be the guardian if something ever happens to her and her husband. I felt pretty honored!
Internal conflict - boooooy would everyone else in the family be PISSED. Especially her dad. See, I am the family member that never visits, is too important to call, and downright hoity toity. So, god forbid, something happens to her and her husband and I get her child.... my family would never understand her reasoning. And I can't really tell them - well I am the most stable person. My husband and I have great jobs that we have both been in for years. We have a home we own. Sure, we don't go home much to visit - for reasons I can't ever tell them - but that honestly doesn't mean I love them any less.

3. My damn phone stopped making noise. usually when you unlock it, it makes a noise. When you type on it, it makes a noise. It is doing none of that. Thankfully, the restore and backup is easy with iTunes. So this was more of an annoyance.
Internal Conflict: what apps do I just plain delete because i don't use them?

If only all problems were that simple...

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The Riddle Family said...

Crazy client - he is just that, crazy. You on the other hand are not. Hopefully not all clients are this insane. Maybe as you climb the latter, you can eventually get to a point where you can be more choosy of the clients you get to take on? *fingers crossed*

Family issues - dude, I seriously and 100% am right there with you girl. If they and want what's best for the child and love her, they will honor her parents wishes and support you.

iphone = all kinds of awesomeness! Have you played doodlejump??? OH MY GOD I am obsessed!

Sometimes when I seem to be questioning everything, I mediate - or ask the universe for guidance, especially before I go to sleep. I can't tell you how many times I have woken up after asking for guidance and things just seemed so much clearer.