Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hello - We are the Nash's - and we like Wine

Hello Nash's.

365 days = 194 bottles of wine in our house. That does not count the times we ate out and had wine, took wine to someone's house to drink, or anything like that. Sometimes, if i remembered, I would grab the cork off the table if we went to a BYOW place to eat.

We decided we wanted to try and beat that number this year.

So we drank (with 5 other people) 7 bottles of wine last night. and had Whataburger for breakfast.

Then we decided to each lose 15 pounds or more.

Hmmmmm.... not sure how this is going to work!

Now I need to make a framed cork board to hang up and show our 2009 drunken brigade.

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Pinner1 said...

come check out my DIY corkboard post - Let me know if you end up making one!