Friday, January 29, 2010

Why you live in Texas - in January

Sunday was absolutely picture perfect. 70 degrees with a breeze and clear skies. Just enough to need long sleeves and to open the windows in your house.
To hide from the constant noise of Call of Duty on the PS3 (and surround sound..) I grabbed a book and went outside with the babies to lay in the hammock.
Lola really enjoyed it!
(Please ignore the dead grass. Thanks to the snow we got last month...)
And Teddy liked the breeze in his beard. He loves being outside so much!Today, on the other hand, it is rainy and cold, in the 50's. I am off to look at new bedding and boots, and to help my friend Bethany get some granite and backsplash with my designer discount.
Happy Friday!

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Anonymous said...

You might not want to come visit us after all.... Now that I know you give designer help, I will probably be asking a lot of questions about my house. ;) My design experience is pretty much watching HGTV at my parents house.