Monday, January 11, 2010

Canopy - Interior

I enjoyed our brunch at Canopy on Sunday very much (see here) but I was also thrilled with the interior design of the space as well.
The walls, whichever sections weren't covered in beautiful wood panels, were painted just plain bright white. Even the ceiling was addressed with an awesome wood piece.There were gorgeous panels that separated dining areas that made you feel like you were sitting in a tree looking at the sky. The floor was scored, stained concrete, finishing off that modern and non-fussy feeling.
I couldn't stop messing with our table. I was constantly touching and "scratching" it because it feels like corrugated cardboard, but in a beautiful apple / lime green.The bench fabric was almost a chenille and the chairs were the same wood as the walls, and curved nicely to fit your bottom comfortably.
My only complaint was that it got rather loud. There were so many hard surfaces for the noise to bounce off of. The table next to us (my unknown-to-them-models) were having a lot of trouble getting their food, which could have been an issue with the newness of the place. We got our food rather quickly, the blood orange mimosas were awesome, and overall enjoyed the waiter (though he was kind of MIA some of the time...)

I want to go back for dinner for sure. The price point is kind of high, but nowadays, who isn't?

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Tiffanie said...

We actually planned on having brunch there yesterday too, but changed our minds last minute and ended up at Escalante's. I can't wait to try it.