Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dear Starbucks

While I realize that the post holiday drink is usually the "Skinny" versions of your latte's, please be a tad careful how you ask people if they want one.
It would better to just not ask a woman at all.
If i walk in the store, you look at me, and then say "Would you like a skinny latte today?" - you just called me fat.
If I order a latte and you ask "Would you like a skinny one?" - you just called me fat.
If you at all ask me if I want non-fat anything - you just called me fat.
I am an avid Starbuck's visitor - I order my drinks the correct way. I don't say "medium" and I call out the order of size, syrup, coffee, and sweetner plainly.
So when I say " i would like a grande vanilla latte" i don't need you to look at me and say "Would you like to make that skinny?"
No. I want my latte the way I ordered it.
Let your cutesy drawings of the skinny latte's on your chalkboard advertise for you.
Don't ever ask me again.


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