Friday, January 22, 2010

Extra Moola

At the end of this month, I will have a nice reimbursable from my company for my exam and license registration. I don't really know what to do with the money. Here are some options:
1. Container Store: Our closet is a mess. I want the custom organization kit from there. It's pretty pricey.

2. Plantation Shutters: the dogs bark. All day. At everything. This would solve that problem and still allow for me to let air and light into the house. (Thank you double hung windows!)

3. Really awesome bedding. Should I shop around and look at lots of places for sheets and duvet and throw pillows? Or go for the ones I have chosen from Pottery Barn?
We also need to paint. Arg.

4. Something for Lee: I want to get him a small something for being so supportive of my studying and everything I went through for this exam.

I can either go for the shutters alone, or possible combine Bedding, Closet, and Lee's gift (depending on what I find.) I think the bedroom renovation would make me really happy - but the shutters are something we need as well.



Donald said...

My suggestion, being a dog owner, would be to forget the really nice bedding... dogs are the reason I don't have silk sheets with their muddy paws and fur.

The closet idea is the best one, since it's needed. A small gift for Lee is also a good idea.

The Riddle Family said...

Is there any other solution to plantation shutters? If you focused on your closet and bedroom, could you put something else in your living room perhaps?

I am having the same type of dilemma, after buying a new house, we have like 30 projects to take on - how on earth are we supposed to decide what comes first???

Tiffanie said...

i love, love, love plantation shutters.