Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Ellie is One Month Old today. Wow.

I have two kids.


I won't sugar coat that I have had some hard moments - which I am sure is expected as I navigate two tiny humans that need me at the same time... 

Lee is currently on this second business trip. Last weeks was hard since it was my first time alone for two nights with them both. This one has gone a little smoother. I have learned I have to be out of bed by 6:30am - even if the baby is asleep (Logan is almost always awake) so that I can pump, start coffee, feed Ellie, feed Logan, feed the dogs and give Teddy his insulin, dress logan, hopefully shower and dress myself, and get out the door to get Logan to school before 8:30. In fact I try to get him there before 8:15 because they have free play before 8:30 and he loves it.

Last night was hard because Ellie was fussy during Logan's bedtime. I am hard headed and I am refusing to bring her into his bedroom while we have our routine. I want to keep his bedtime our special time. It was hard reading him a book and hearing her fuss in the next room but she was fine.

Logan has gone through a few struggles getting used to his new sister but we are so so proud of how he is doing. His regression is mainly some accidents in is pants and biting at school. His school is being incredibly patient and loving as he gets over the hump.

He loves Ellie. He wants to take care of her and calls it "brothering." He watched Ellie while I showered yesterday and I told him to come get me if she starts to cry. He never did. I quietly walked in to find this:

He told me he was talking to her like a cat. Ha!
We were getting him dressed and she started to fuss and he said "I need to get back to brothering!" and he ran to her and said "Ellie I am here!" So sweet.

Sleep isn't so bad - not as bad as I had envisioned. yeah some nights suck but some are easier. I try to nap in the day if I can.

Chilling in the Playroom

Ellie has grown so much in the last month and is starting to be more alert. We are really enjoying her!

Bear with me as I figure out - Mom of Two..

Ready for Church!


Monday, October 5, 2015

Eleanor is here!

Our sweet little surprise baby girl is here! She was born on September 28th at 1:28PM via C-section with no drama or issues at all.

7 pounds, 2 ounces, 20 inches long.


She sleeps a lot at the moment, which is nice. Nights aren't so bad at all. She is a good eater so she is already sleeping 3 hours in a row. I can steal a little time in the mornings (if she wakes before 6) by putting her next to me in bed. She likes the body heat. This way I can get up when Logan gets up and steal about another 45minutes/hour of sleep. Doing this last night I was able to sleep from 2:30-almost 6:30! I feel great this morning with that little extra sleep.

She is super easy, especially compared to Logan. Some of this is because I know what to do with her and some is just her temperament as a baby.

Nursing didn't work out because of her latching issues, but I am pumping and bottle feeding her. I figured out how to pump and feed her a bottle at the same time in the middle of the night so that I can cut down on my awake time. I was only up from 1:45am - 2:30am last night because of this. We do have formula on hand just in case. I don't want to spend time and make her fussy by heating up milk so if I don't have fresh milk in a bottle I just do the formula to get us through the night. So far, she gets maybe one bottle of it a day.

Logan is doing pretty well. He LOVES her and the only issues we are seeing are some attention seeking behaviors - mainly whining and acting especially hyper. We are doing our best to be patient with him. He likes to help feed her, hold her, and watch me change her diaper.

Probably something my Dr wouldn't like, we went to the park Saturday and Sunday. I put Ellie in a carrier and I sat in the shade while Lee and Logan played. We are trying to keep Logan's days as normal as we can. I am trying not to over-do it but with an active preschooler, my option to sit around all day isn't there on weekends.

I'm elated at how things are going so far. I am healing well, very little pain or discomfort. Sleeping better than expected, and multi-tasking like a champ.

I am looking forward to my new adventure as a stay at home mom. I can't wait until I can go for long walks around the neighborhood and for the new gym I joined, Equinox, to open in December. Ellie and I will be ladies who lunch while Logan is in school. Fall weather blessed us this weekend and I am anxious to get out with the stroller and get active again. Time to get some of this baby weight off and get healthy.

The next hurdle is to make it through Lee's first business trip in a few weeks. I am hoping by this time Logan is a little more settled in but otherwise we will make it work!