Saturday, February 28, 2009

28 years later...

(Not to be confused with those zombie movies by a similar title...)

When I was not yet born, my mother made me a pillow. It is about the size of a travel pillow. She put a cute little pillowcase on it with circus animals on it to match my room. I am still terrified of clowns to this day, but that is another story...

Along I came and this pillow, whom I called "Po", was always with me. When I was sucking my thumb, I would hold the po up to my face and try to hide what I was doing. The po often did not smell very good and I would have a fit when he was washed. I mean, I spent all that time making it smell the way I liked it, right?

Po followed me around to many houses, even states, and then off to college. Po had many pillow cases sewn on him.

My step-dad threatened to sew Po to the train on my wedding dress. I fooled him, I didn't have a train!

In college it was time for a new case and I had fabric left over from a sorority thing. So I made him a case myself, and hand stitched the whole thing.

This last year, poor po has really lost his fluff-ness. He was made from a big piece of foam, not stuffing. Over the years, the foam has loosened and probably just bio-degraded within the cases sewn on.

Po is lumpy.
Po is also a little dingy. Remember that "I don't like to wash the po?" That still applies.

Po has some issues with this stiching.And you can even see a pillow case from the past.
See the lace?

Last night, I retired the Po. He will be in my nightstand drawer, just in case I need him after a nightmare or a bad day. But I am afraid that if I keep using him night after night, he will fall completely apart.

Last night, I slept like crap.

Po is my woobie. (please watch Mr. Mom right now if you don't know what that is.)

I told Lee last night and he said "Well buy another small pillow and stink it up and it will be fine."

Men don't understand.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's a family affair...

Each morning, Lee and I are in the bathroom at the same time. We only have one, that is just how it is.

But we are not alone. We have company...

If we don't pick them up, Teddy will take those boxers to the living room and put them in the window for the mailman to admire. This is why my bathtub serves as the laundry basket in the mornings! I don't need my panties (and ladies, you don't always wear the prettiest ones you have to bed...) on the window....

But it doesn't stop here. See Lola looking down? (and lee's toes in the shower? ha!) She has something for me...So whether I am putting on makeup, blow drying my hair, or brushing my teeth, I have to throw a toy. How could you resist that face??

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Depression-Recession Brownies

Before I left work today, I was pulled into my boss's office and told 2 things:
1. My position is not changing
2. I am one of 2 out of 8 people who are NOT having their salary & hours cut. (one a result of the other).

This results in a melancholy feel.

I am ok. But what about my co-workers?

As I told Lee and Donald about it at standard Tuesday night dinner, I had about 1/2 a bottle of wine and decided to make brownies. Just because they would make me feel better...

Breann's Brownies

1 1/2 sticks butter
1 1/2 cups sugar
3 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla (eyeball it)
3/4 cup flour
3/4 cup cocoa
1/4 teaspoon salt

Melt butter in a small saucepan. Add sugar, eggs, and vanilla, stir well.
In a medium bowl, combine flour, cocoa, and salt. Pour sugar/butter mix over and stir until well combined. Pour batter into greased 8x8 pan.

Bake at 375 degrees about 30 minutes. I like mine a little fudgy in the middle...depending on your level of depression or sweet tooth - add a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

I heard Lee and Donald moan at the same time as they took the first bites from their bowls. Simple, cheap brownies. Fills your belly, helps you sleep.

Project in Katy

Here are the few pictures I took of my project. They look pretty boring...This is the main hallway, looking toward the front. I know, boring..

This is the "contact lense" area. The table it where you would sit to learn how to put in contacts, etc. Hopefully they put shelves on the walls or something.

They really need art on the walls all over the place, but we'll see!

I hope to get better photos in the next few weeks. As I do, I will put them up.

Can I have my 2 hours back?

Today I was so excited and I checked my purse twice to make sure my camera was in there. I even charged the camera last night.
I knew today I was going to take photos of a project. This would be the first project I wanted to take pictures of that I have done in the 15 months I have been here. I do have another one that will be super awesome that will be done in April, but that seems forever away.
And another this summer. Still, far away.

So I drive - 60 miles away - to see this project. I was told by the contractor that this would be a good day to go.
I walk in...

I took 3 pictures, that's it. So I made both the contractor and the tenant promise to take pictures for me once it was done.

So a 45 minute drive for nothing.

Kyla and I decide - let's look at this scrapbook store we had the address to on the internet, since it is only blocks away from the BFE project.

The store no longer exists.

We get back to the office exhausted with out anything to show for it but 3 measly pictures!

I will post those when I get home. They are boring. Cabinets, paint, a hallway. That's it. No art on the walls. No wall sconces. No picture of the awesome reception desk. Nothing.

Yes, Poo.


I joined. not sure why. we shall see...

Monday, February 23, 2009

It only took a year...

I finally framed my Schnauzer poster!

It only took a year...

I finally framed my Schnauzer poster!

Sweet Tooth

Hi, My Name is Breann....

And I have a sweet tooth...

Thank you for your support.

Green Tile

Since someone decided to turn on the overhead lights today, I thought I would take a new picture of the tile on my desk that is awaiting my mom's choosing. It still isn't very color-accurate, dang camera phone...So the ones at the bottom of the photo, the long slivers, those are green tiffany glass. It is pretty 'spensive... around $40 a square foot! The stripey one is slowly becoming my favorite. The little tiny rounds are cool but a little too lime-green. Otherwise I like the solid-ish green tile. I am just having a terrible time finding a counter top. UGH.
I can't decide - pick the counter then the backsplash, or vice versa. So i guess it just depends on what my mom thinks...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Under the Sea..

I just sat down and planned my meals for the week and noticed I planned alot of fish/shrimp!

Sunday: Spicy Shrimp and Bread (maybe salad too)
Monday: Tilapia and Creamy Farfalle
Tuesday: Roasted Chicken
Wednesday: Fiery Shrimp and Linguine
Thursday: Marinated Pork Loin (haven't decided on the side...)
Friday: Out...

I would say it is because I have 3 weeks until a wedding I am in, but the sides on all this are bread, pasta... brownies on Wednesday...
Sometimes you get tired of the same ole chicken and beef all week.

I am going to try and post more during the week, even if it is only photos of cooking or something. I see a trend of Monday postings about the weekends and that gets a little old.

Today we have Brunch at Cadillac Bar, then groceries, then doing alot of NOTHING.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

This morning I got up and cooked breakfast. This is something I wanted to do on Valentines day, but Lee had woken up and was dead set on Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal, so my plans were foiled. He loved this anyway this morning, it was really tasty.
I used real butter...
But then we took an 8 mile bike ride so....
After breakfast, I looked outside to see Teddy in his mecca... outside with a chewy.
I planted new flowers yesterday in our front flower box, I will take a picture once they take off a little. Tomorrow I will pick up some mint, rosemary, and maybe basil at the store and plant them in those awesome weed-ridden panters on my back porch. My grandparents and mom are coming in next weekend and my grandparents only saw our house once, after we moved in. So all the changes we have made are new to them. I am a little on edge, getting the house clean, planting flowers, etc.
While they are here, my Papa and Lee are going to dig a garden in the backyard while the gals enjoy the Galleria. Who wins that battle? :)
Also, I have been pulling and pulling green tile backsplash options for my mom for a few weeks. Half my desk is covered in options for her. This picture does NOT show the color well. It took it with my phone and we don't turn the overhead lights on in the office much, but you can see the quantity! I got picked on for the fruit listello, but I think it would bring a little old-timey charm to my mom's kitchen, maybe behind the oven or something... I wish you could see the stripe better in the one on the bottom, it's COOL.
This weekend will be pretty low-key. We have something to do tonight, then a late dinner. Tomorrow we are brunching with Donald and Don. I can taste the mimosas already!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Spring Fever!

I do know much of the rest of the country is in "winter," and here in Houston, we don't really know what that is. It is just December - February or something.
Anyway, here it is Spring. It rained ALL week long and now today it is soooo pretty. I think we are going to start sneaking out around 4....

Here is my view... look at that sky!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Weekend

This post will have a few pictures!

Valentines Day we ventured out to run a bunch of errands. But we ended up with bikes!!!! I neglected to get a photo, I will try and get one soon. We have not gotten the trailer for the doggies yet, but that gives us a chance to get used to the bike trails.
We had to go shopping for a wedding gift, as I had a shower to go to on Sunday. We stopped at Williams Sonoma and while they were gift wrapping, I went next door to Anthrapologie and came out with these:They are the cutest things and match all my dishes!
That night I made a wonderful meal of Marinated Flank Steak, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and a Chocolate Fudge dessert...
I roasted the garlic myself.
My only complaint is the marinade for the steak left it very soy-sauce tasting. I have another marinade that is more balsamic that I will use next time. But it was still tasty!
And for Valentines - Lee got us 2 tickets to see the Legally Blonde Broadway show on Wednesday night!! I am sooooo exicted. I just wish it was the actual cast because I watched that girl win on MTV to replace Laura Bell Bundy. Oh well, I am sure it will be great anyway!
Sunday was HECTIC!
9 am: get up, clean the house a little bit
10 am: Ride bikes
10:30 am: shower and go to the grocery store
12 pm: eat lunch, clean guest room and bathroom
1pm: get dressed for bridal shower.
2pm: arrive at shower.
4:30pm: Leave shower 30 minutes late b/c you couldn't stop talking!
5pm: get home with full intentions to have the cake in the oven - Lee is all sorts of in the way with his ribs and such.
5:30pm: still mixing the cake, family shows up. Dogs barking. Start mini-panick attack.
5:45pm: cake in the oven clean up a little, search for wine, start the glaze.
6:00pm: Start brining out dishes, water, etc to the table outside.
6:15pm: Glaze cake. Stop freaking out.

The rest of the night was nice, the weather was perfect!
This dinner was held for Lee's sisters' birthday (twins).Justin (looks exactly like Jason Schwartzman!), Laura, Kelly, Clark, Me (i found the wine)
Excuse my pregnancy dress but it was comfortable!
The sheet cake was extrememly popular as you can tell.
Justin (i almost called him Jason) is from New Jersey. So we served him ribs and Texas sheet cake, and Blue Bell Ice Cream. Anyone from Texas knows there is no other ice cream that compares to Blue Bell.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I try...

I am seeing something happen within me that has slowly but surely been coming on for awhile now.

When I met Lee, I didn't cook. Ok I cooked - mac-n-cheese, frozen pizza, and a Stouffer's Lasagna if it was a special occasion.
Once we moved to Houston and I was a wife, well I had to cook right? And we were broke and couldn't eat out all the time. I slowly tried recipes from church cookbooks and such.
But when my obsession began, I am not entirely sure.
I cook all the time now. The renovation of my kitchen has pushed me over the edge and now baking is becoming an obsession. My Sunday's have become "Kitchen Day." and you will find me with my mistress (what does a woman call her man on the side? lover is just gross) - my red kitchen aid. My mixer is never clean. There is always flour dust or egg white reside. I try but it just gets all dirty again the next day. I do need help adjusting it because my paddle attachment isn't getting to the edge of the bowl. That's another day.

My friend, Sara Riddle the fabulous, innocently emailed me the other day about
Guess what?

I try to take pictures now and then when I cook. Problem is, I just have a plain digital camera. I can't adjust the focus or any of that. So my pictures are just what ever they are.

Where is this going?

Today I made cupcakes (after I ventured out in the scary world).

And for the first time, I used a flour sifter. (I know!)
And mainly because Pioneer Woman did and talked about how important it is so of course I couldn't ignore her!! (she may leave that ranch and become the next stranger on my porch - beating me with her flour sifter after all!)

(I like parentheses)

The cupcakes are currently cooling and waiting on icing but I was enamored with my flour sifter.
There is a wonderful place here in Houston (and on the internet) called Penzy's. Amoung my cooking obsession, I am now a spice snob. i would say about 60% of my spice cabinet is now Penzy's. I refuse to buy spices anywhere else now.
My next focus will be on my cook-book. Now when I say "my" i mean - my 3" 3 ring binder with all kinds of recipes put in sheet protectors. Whether it be Pioneer Woman, Sara, Rachael Ray, Giada, or something out of Real Simple or Martha, it is all in there. Being OCD, I would like all my recipes to have the same format so when I am flipping through I can easily identify.
This may mean hours of me typing, but I think it would be worth it.
After my adventures today I now know 2 things:
When baking - don't wear your new black cardigan. Remember that new flour sifter?
When you take happiness in putting all your cleaning products away back under the sink, you know you have gone over the edge on organizing.

Pictures of finished cupcakes later.
What, you want instant gratification?

Strangers on my porch....

Yes, I hummed "Strangers in the Night" while I typed the Title to this here blog entry.

Today has been event-full, to say the least. I came home at 12 to meet the plumber, who was here about an hour. See, a few nights ago, Lee came in the kitchen about 10:30pm and started yelling for me to come in there. So I got up and ran in and there was water all on the floor by the sink. Long story short, the pipes had pulled apart and leaked all over the place. We cleaned it up and called Joe the next day.

Yes, we have our very own Joe-The-Plumber.

Joe came over today and opened the door to the sink and said "What in the hell has happened here?" Meaning - whatever person rigged this up was stoopid and now you have to fix it. So he craweled around, detached things, etc. Then he looks at me and says "Christ! You have bare wires under there!" So i guess I am lucky I didn't stick my hand down there while the disposal was running or I would have lots of volume in my hair!

While he fixing this, I get a knock on the door. Really?

I go look and these 2 punk looking guys are on my sidewalk. I open the door and "Hey what does schnauzer mean?" is the first thing I hear. So did they stop simply b/c of my bumper sticker that proudly exclaims "My Schnauzer is smarter than your honor student." ? (I also have a MVP sticker for Margaritaville Place or something.)
One guy, the talker, has on a white t shirt and some baggy shorts and tennis shoes. Silent bob has on some jersey and I think jeans. And they were selling something. Talker was witty and talked A Lot about nothing and trying to get points and go on a trip and such and so. I think it was magazines, I don't really know.

Joe, comes out of the garage and then comes back inside. I tell the guys "Hey I have to go talk to him." and shut the door. Joe goes all "I am not leaving until those sumbitches are gone."


I write Joe a check and go back to the door and was all "Alright guys I have to go back to work so what's the deal?" Finally I get them to go away. Joe goes on and on and on about how they are totally casing the houses and there are 2 of them and 1 of me and so on. Yes, I realize that. No I would never have let them in my home, etc.

Now, I sit at my computer after and I am beyond freaked out. I wanted to go to the store and get food and make cupcakes. But... what if they are hiding on the side of my house? Most of you know the freak out I went through last month which resulted in sticks in the windows and a new bedroom doorknob.

This freakout has resulted in me downloading Mozy and I am now backing up all 60GB of my music and photos. Because I am convinced my iMac and MyBook will be gone soon.

Finally I ventured out to the store.

But I am still freaked at every single bark from my fearless pups.


Monday, February 9, 2009


We had a pretty non-eventful weekend! But, I got a bike! Lee's parents had one in the garage they were going to sell at a garage sale so we took it to the bike shop and it is getting shined up, new tires, etc. Then i will get a bike seat pad (this is an old bike with a bad seat!) and a basket. Plus, we are getting a mesh carriage to tow behind one a bike for the puppies! Lee will get a bike at Academy this weekend so we can go biking together! Plus I can go after work with the pups in their carriage and get a little exercise but it will be so fun. Yay!

Sunday I wasn't feeling so well, so Lee went to the store. The other day I had a craving for Mac-n-cheese. He got 5 box's of the original blue box!!

Lee has been smoking meat alot, trying new things and techniques. This time it was beer butt chickens. They were GOOD!!Tonight is just left overs. But I am currently letting the bread maker do my work on cinnamon rolls.

Cranium of the Day

About a month ago I got a Cranium of the Day desk calendar. Usually it is just a question or a quick doodle but today it was Croquet.
4 of us built a course on my desk and made balls out of tape and then made mallets out of pencils...
Tony won and Kyla was 2nd. I was far far behind....

Friday, February 6, 2009

Dear Jimmy,

I can't understand why you won't come to Houston this year! You would be ideal for the Rodeo, except since you usually sell out the Woodlands and Minute Maid park, it could cause a slight mob situation...
But for your tour, you won't come back this year? You chose Dallas instead? I am so sad!
We will just have to catch you next year I guess... what a bummer!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl 2009

Lee decided many months ago that we would be the ones to throw a party this year. I get a little ancy when we throw parties. I want everyone to get along, I want everyone to enjoy the food, I want everyone to like my house... etc. This is only child syndrome for sure - looking for acceptance.

Anyway, we had about 12 people over and I made a HUGE pot of chili and it was all gone at the end of the night! For sure the 7 layer dip and homemade guac were big hits, and brownies brought from Christina were gobbled up as well. We had a really good time, I only had a mild panic attack about the influx of people in my house, and then I was just fine.
I hope i can find pants big enough to wear tomorrow!
Coolers full of beerWe moved furniture into the room for this event!

Veggie tray, 7 layer dip, guacamole, brownies....

Beer and hot dogs....

People gathered in the kitchen...
Teddy and Tashi playing in the yard.
I hope everyone had a great time, now I am off to b-e-d!