Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl 2009

Lee decided many months ago that we would be the ones to throw a party this year. I get a little ancy when we throw parties. I want everyone to get along, I want everyone to enjoy the food, I want everyone to like my house... etc. This is only child syndrome for sure - looking for acceptance.

Anyway, we had about 12 people over and I made a HUGE pot of chili and it was all gone at the end of the night! For sure the 7 layer dip and homemade guac were big hits, and brownies brought from Christina were gobbled up as well. We had a really good time, I only had a mild panic attack about the influx of people in my house, and then I was just fine.
I hope i can find pants big enough to wear tomorrow!
Coolers full of beerWe moved furniture into the room for this event!

Veggie tray, 7 layer dip, guacamole, brownies....

Beer and hot dogs....

People gathered in the kitchen...
Teddy and Tashi playing in the yard.
I hope everyone had a great time, now I am off to b-e-d!

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Donald said...

that was a fun party . :)

as hancock would say: "good job!"