Thursday, February 12, 2009

Strangers on my porch....

Yes, I hummed "Strangers in the Night" while I typed the Title to this here blog entry.

Today has been event-full, to say the least. I came home at 12 to meet the plumber, who was here about an hour. See, a few nights ago, Lee came in the kitchen about 10:30pm and started yelling for me to come in there. So I got up and ran in and there was water all on the floor by the sink. Long story short, the pipes had pulled apart and leaked all over the place. We cleaned it up and called Joe the next day.

Yes, we have our very own Joe-The-Plumber.

Joe came over today and opened the door to the sink and said "What in the hell has happened here?" Meaning - whatever person rigged this up was stoopid and now you have to fix it. So he craweled around, detached things, etc. Then he looks at me and says "Christ! You have bare wires under there!" So i guess I am lucky I didn't stick my hand down there while the disposal was running or I would have lots of volume in my hair!

While he fixing this, I get a knock on the door. Really?

I go look and these 2 punk looking guys are on my sidewalk. I open the door and "Hey what does schnauzer mean?" is the first thing I hear. So did they stop simply b/c of my bumper sticker that proudly exclaims "My Schnauzer is smarter than your honor student." ? (I also have a MVP sticker for Margaritaville Place or something.)
One guy, the talker, has on a white t shirt and some baggy shorts and tennis shoes. Silent bob has on some jersey and I think jeans. And they were selling something. Talker was witty and talked A Lot about nothing and trying to get points and go on a trip and such and so. I think it was magazines, I don't really know.

Joe, comes out of the garage and then comes back inside. I tell the guys "Hey I have to go talk to him." and shut the door. Joe goes all "I am not leaving until those sumbitches are gone."


I write Joe a check and go back to the door and was all "Alright guys I have to go back to work so what's the deal?" Finally I get them to go away. Joe goes on and on and on about how they are totally casing the houses and there are 2 of them and 1 of me and so on. Yes, I realize that. No I would never have let them in my home, etc.

Now, I sit at my computer after and I am beyond freaked out. I wanted to go to the store and get food and make cupcakes. But... what if they are hiding on the side of my house? Most of you know the freak out I went through last month which resulted in sticks in the windows and a new bedroom doorknob.

This freakout has resulted in me downloading Mozy and I am now backing up all 60GB of my music and photos. Because I am convinced my iMac and MyBook will be gone soon.

Finally I ventured out to the store.

But I am still freaked at every single bark from my fearless pups.


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Donald said...

you sho' is crazy, hunny