Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Can I have my 2 hours back?

Today I was so excited and I checked my purse twice to make sure my camera was in there. I even charged the camera last night.
I knew today I was going to take photos of a project. This would be the first project I wanted to take pictures of that I have done in the 15 months I have been here. I do have another one that will be super awesome that will be done in April, but that seems forever away.
And another this summer. Still, far away.

So I drive - 60 miles away - to see this project. I was told by the contractor that this would be a good day to go.
I walk in...

I took 3 pictures, that's it. So I made both the contractor and the tenant promise to take pictures for me once it was done.

So a 45 minute drive for nothing.

Kyla and I decide - let's look at this scrapbook store we had the address to on the internet, since it is only blocks away from the BFE project.

The store no longer exists.

We get back to the office exhausted with out anything to show for it but 3 measly pictures!

I will post those when I get home. They are boring. Cabinets, paint, a hallway. That's it. No art on the walls. No wall sconces. No picture of the awesome reception desk. Nothing.

Yes, Poo.

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