Saturday, February 21, 2009

This morning I got up and cooked breakfast. This is something I wanted to do on Valentines day, but Lee had woken up and was dead set on Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal, so my plans were foiled. He loved this anyway this morning, it was really tasty.
I used real butter...
But then we took an 8 mile bike ride so....
After breakfast, I looked outside to see Teddy in his mecca... outside with a chewy.
I planted new flowers yesterday in our front flower box, I will take a picture once they take off a little. Tomorrow I will pick up some mint, rosemary, and maybe basil at the store and plant them in those awesome weed-ridden panters on my back porch. My grandparents and mom are coming in next weekend and my grandparents only saw our house once, after we moved in. So all the changes we have made are new to them. I am a little on edge, getting the house clean, planting flowers, etc.
While they are here, my Papa and Lee are going to dig a garden in the backyard while the gals enjoy the Galleria. Who wins that battle? :)
Also, I have been pulling and pulling green tile backsplash options for my mom for a few weeks. Half my desk is covered in options for her. This picture does NOT show the color well. It took it with my phone and we don't turn the overhead lights on in the office much, but you can see the quantity! I got picked on for the fruit listello, but I think it would bring a little old-timey charm to my mom's kitchen, maybe behind the oven or something... I wish you could see the stripe better in the one on the bottom, it's COOL.
This weekend will be pretty low-key. We have something to do tonight, then a late dinner. Tomorrow we are brunching with Donald and Don. I can taste the mimosas already!

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The Riddle Family said...

I wish I could plant flowers and herbs already, you are so lucky.

Love, love, love the photo of Teddy - could he be any cuter? What a sweetie - and the halo couldn't be more fitting!

The tile you picked out looks awesome! Your mom is so lucky to have her own personal interior designer!!!