About Us

Being an East Texas girl, I love my fair share of heavy food and heavy gossip. I don't, however, know how to ride a horse, feed a cow, or kill a chicken. I only "twang" when tired or a little tipsy.. or really angry.

Lee and I met in Nacogdoches, TX while attending Stephen F Austin State University (or SFA - Sex, Fun, and Alcohol!) High GPA's are not abundant at this school, but high tolerance for alcohol is.

Lee works for a big software company, while I work for a small Architecture firm. We can't have those "what did you do at work today" conversations because we don't really understand what the other does all day. He "sells stuff" and I "draw stuff."

Logan has really brightened our life and kept us busy. He is constant entertainment and keeps us on our toes with the things he is learning. There are lots of "did you see that?! WOW!" in our house.

The real rulers of our house, however, are Lola and Teddy - the schnauzers. They will not be forgotten with this new baby in the house. No way.

The cat is the silent member of the house. She comes to you when she wants something, and otherwise just spreads cat hair all over the guest bed, forcing me to wash the duvet before anyone actually attempts to sleep there. Thanks, really.

Follow this Texas couple as we meander our way through life with this little boy. We have a great time and I hope you enjoy our stories!