Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another project

I drove way out to get a photo of this project many months back and it was not ready. In the quest to photograph completed projects - Tony in our office went out recently! I stole these from him...
This is an eye clinic way out in Katy, TX...

When you walk in, this is the eyeglass area (obviously)...

These neat little pendants wash light on the glasses:

Then the waiting area.

Here is reception, where you check in and out:

Contact Lense room:

Eye glass lab:
Eye exam room(s):Other than that there is a break room and a restroom.

Exciting huh?

Monday, June 22, 2009


Meet Alfred:This is Teddy's "friend."If by friend you mean you like to pick them up in your mouth and bring them into the house.
I believe that Teddy is way more eager than Alfred to play. I came to this conclusion when I went outside to find Alfred after Teddy's attempt to bring him inside a second time (my scream caused Teddy to release Alfred) and he was hiding behind Lee's grilling supplies next to the house.
There have been many late night attempts to find Alfred, in very thinly veiled "I need to pee" excuses. We don't buy that excuse anymore and hopefully that brings him some peace while he hunts down bugs and such.
Welcome to the family buddy.

Nice long weekend...

Saturday was doggie hair cut day... and we have discovered the pups have swapped legs with chickens...Lola is just 100% beard running around!
While they were getting a hair cut, we got the car washed...
Then had brunch
Then went to my new favorite place in Houston - Murder By The Book (website here) They only carry mystery, espionage, crime, etc books. They have a whole section for just Sherlock Holmes stuff. It is really cool, indie book store. I got 4 books, including:Highly entertaining once you get used to the extreme old-english way of speaking.
After all that, I went and laid in my kiddie pool and got some sun.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Remember that project?

Awhile back I put some photos up of a project of mine that was finally finished up. Recently, we had some really awesome photos taken of that project so now I can share them with you!

Reception:From Reception looking down main hallway:There is glass at each office so that you can see the paint colors... That is a large conference area at the end with little rooms inside there for "huddle's." Or something...

Breakroom:Not super exciting but it is fun.

View from the other end of the hall (at the conference room).
Welcome to the exciting world of Corporate Architecture... but at least this client had some fun paint colors they wanted to use.

This weekend we are hoping to relax a little but we do have dog hair cuts, shopping for new windows and window treatments on Saturday. Hopefully lots of napping!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Busy and productive weekend..

This weekend, Donald and I tackled the front flower box. This is an area that has been largely neglected since we moved in. Since both our neighbors on either side have gone into some kind of landscaping frenzy, something had to be done.

I am sorry to say it started out like this:
I know. BAD. In fact, I didn't realize how bad until I looked at this photo...

Donald told me he would meet me at the house at noon, but since I was getting my hair done by the very very lovely Justin, I was late.

By the time I got home, It looked like this:Already an improvement.

Although I still want to paint the brick on our house a nice olive-tan.

Then we set off to the flower store and bought milkweed something, lantana, and vinca. All things that thrive in hot weather. For some reason, Texas (or at least Houston) has decided to pretend we are Phoenix. Holy crap it's hot and dry.

The Mini looked like this:
Here is where some real fun began. This flower bed was so full of roots. It was crazy. You didn't just dig a hole, put in the plant, and move on. You stared to dig a hole, then got a hand saw, the claw looking garden tool, and even a big hedge trimmer to attack the roots... THEN put the plant in the hole and move on.

Guess how hot is was on Saturday?


Guess how we know that?

My loving husband came out to tell us.

While he drank water.


Him: How can I help?

Me: go away!

I get a little angry when I am burning up hot.

After the planting was finally complete, we have this:

Much better! I just hope the milkweed fills in a little bit.

Then we went and played in the kiddie pool for about 2 hours, and I still can't get the water out of my ears!

Monday, June 8, 2009


I went an entire week without posting! ALOT happened in that week...

1. Have not used the pool. Need chemical's and a cover...
2. Tuesday I got a phone call that my grandfather (Papa) was in the hospital. He had 2 seizure's for no reason whatsoever and bit his tongue bad during all that.
3. Wednesday was one of my worst days at work ever. Long story but something went very wrong with my project and I thought it was my fault and was worried that I would lose my job. I worried about that for the rest of the week.
4. Thursday - drove to Palestine to be with my family. My Papa was out of the hospital and my mom had driven down as well. In one day we went to lunch, she got her hair colored (to fix a bad color) my grandmother's pants broke... What a day. I did get to hang out with my niece - Hannah. We called her Hannah Who because of her hair..She loves grilled cheese sandwiches. Therefore, she is officially a member of the family. That is a grilled cheese in her hand. We used to ask for 4-5 sandwiches a PIECE when at my grandma's. She would stand there and make roughly 15 sandwiches for 3 kids (Bryant preferred a few bologna sandwiches).
Thursday night I went "drinking" with my cousins at Applebee's. Watch out!
5. Friday - went to Tyler for my Papa to get a MRI so my mom and I shopped at the mall. I used to think this was a big mall. Not so much. That night, I drove back to Houston.
6. Saturday - attempted to go to the Sandcastle competition at Galveston. Between leaving Houston and sitting in line - we tried for 3 hours and didn't get there. Here is what I saw behind me...Crazy huh? The town didn't look terrible. I thought the hurricane damage would be much worse. I didn't notice all that much to tell you the truth. We went to the Strand, had lunch, drove home and slept for 2 hours. Then watched Revolutionary Road (strange but good) and He's Just Not That Into You (good). Then watched Whale Wars for like 3 hours.
7. Sunday - Astros game at 1. Dinner with parents at 7 for Lee's mom's birthday. eventful day!

Today - a big conference call at my boss's house regarding the issue i mentioned above. Not my fault. Hopefully our company gets out of paying for it 100%. Even if we have to pay a little, I am still not at fault - sometimes the Architect just gets the shaft.


Monday, June 1, 2009

Kiddie Pool

Yesterday, while out to Academy to get some stuff for the bikes, I saw kiddie pools. I have been wanting one since it is getting so hot - so that I can sit in it with the sprinkler on and get some sun. But when you are married to someone like Lee - a skimpy kiddie pool won't cut it.
So - we ended up with a 10' round x 30" deep pool with a filter! We wonder if we need to buy a small bag of tablets to help clean the water. Not chlorine but whatever the more bio-friendly substitute is.

It took over 4 hours to get it like 90% full - so we may try and play in it today but of course it is over cast!!This is when the pool is maybe 1/2 full. Lola was walking around and actually jumped in to be with Lee! We put Teddy in but he just stood still as a rock like "nope. not my thing. nope. let me out!"
We are going to run the hose in the pool for a bit more later on this evening and get it to full capacity, as well as get a cover for it because it may rain this week and I don't want to have to deal with that!!

I also need a little raft to float on or one of those chairs that sits inside the pool so i can lounge...