Monday, June 8, 2009


I went an entire week without posting! ALOT happened in that week...

1. Have not used the pool. Need chemical's and a cover...
2. Tuesday I got a phone call that my grandfather (Papa) was in the hospital. He had 2 seizure's for no reason whatsoever and bit his tongue bad during all that.
3. Wednesday was one of my worst days at work ever. Long story but something went very wrong with my project and I thought it was my fault and was worried that I would lose my job. I worried about that for the rest of the week.
4. Thursday - drove to Palestine to be with my family. My Papa was out of the hospital and my mom had driven down as well. In one day we went to lunch, she got her hair colored (to fix a bad color) my grandmother's pants broke... What a day. I did get to hang out with my niece - Hannah. We called her Hannah Who because of her hair..She loves grilled cheese sandwiches. Therefore, she is officially a member of the family. That is a grilled cheese in her hand. We used to ask for 4-5 sandwiches a PIECE when at my grandma's. She would stand there and make roughly 15 sandwiches for 3 kids (Bryant preferred a few bologna sandwiches).
Thursday night I went "drinking" with my cousins at Applebee's. Watch out!
5. Friday - went to Tyler for my Papa to get a MRI so my mom and I shopped at the mall. I used to think this was a big mall. Not so much. That night, I drove back to Houston.
6. Saturday - attempted to go to the Sandcastle competition at Galveston. Between leaving Houston and sitting in line - we tried for 3 hours and didn't get there. Here is what I saw behind me...Crazy huh? The town didn't look terrible. I thought the hurricane damage would be much worse. I didn't notice all that much to tell you the truth. We went to the Strand, had lunch, drove home and slept for 2 hours. Then watched Revolutionary Road (strange but good) and He's Just Not That Into You (good). Then watched Whale Wars for like 3 hours.
7. Sunday - Astros game at 1. Dinner with parents at 7 for Lee's mom's birthday. eventful day!

Today - a big conference call at my boss's house regarding the issue i mentioned above. Not my fault. Hopefully our company gets out of paying for it 100%. Even if we have to pay a little, I am still not at fault - sometimes the Architect just gets the shaft.


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The Riddle Family said...

Dude, talk about a crazy week! You need a relaxing vacation and a margarita IV STAT!!!

So glad the oopsie wasn't your fault and I hope your grandpa will be okay!