Friday, June 19, 2009

Remember that project?

Awhile back I put some photos up of a project of mine that was finally finished up. Recently, we had some really awesome photos taken of that project so now I can share them with you!

Reception:From Reception looking down main hallway:There is glass at each office so that you can see the paint colors... That is a large conference area at the end with little rooms inside there for "huddle's." Or something...

Breakroom:Not super exciting but it is fun.

View from the other end of the hall (at the conference room).
Welcome to the exciting world of Corporate Architecture... but at least this client had some fun paint colors they wanted to use.

This weekend we are hoping to relax a little but we do have dog hair cuts, shopping for new windows and window treatments on Saturday. Hopefully lots of napping!


Donald said...

looks good - the breakrom looks fun with the floor

Sabrina said...

Looks great!!!