Monday, June 22, 2009

Nice long weekend...

Saturday was doggie hair cut day... and we have discovered the pups have swapped legs with chickens...Lola is just 100% beard running around!
While they were getting a hair cut, we got the car washed...
Then had brunch
Then went to my new favorite place in Houston - Murder By The Book (website here) They only carry mystery, espionage, crime, etc books. They have a whole section for just Sherlock Holmes stuff. It is really cool, indie book store. I got 4 books, including:Highly entertaining once you get used to the extreme old-english way of speaking.
After all that, I went and laid in my kiddie pool and got some sun.


Donald said...

awww, poor chicken-legs Teds McGee!

you are ridiculous with your floatie!! :P

The Riddle Family said...

Love the chicken legs! It will make life so much easier for you though (and the babies too!)