Monday, May 31, 2010

New purchase.. another one

This week/end has been full of purchases.
Lee got a new speaker thing to play the ipod on outside.
I got an ice cream machine.
And now we ordered this for the living room:
We are those people who put our feet on the coffee table, and the one we have currently is really nice but has edges on it. This makes it (A) hard to clean and (B) hard to relax on as your feet fall asleep...
So, getting an actual ottoman as a coffee table fixes these issues. I already purchased a tray to put in the middle for drinks and such. I like that I can still put my basket of magazines and books I am reading (you know, the one's Anne hands me at MBTB) on that shelf and roll up blankets as well.
Now the purchasing can cease until it's nursery time. Then the real hemorrhage can begin!

My favorite bookstore

I have a place in town that centers me the moment I walk in.

Murder By The Book.

It's a little indie bookstore that only carries murder/mystery/espionage/paranormal books. It's all I read in one little store. In fact, Charlaine Harris (the True Blood writer) knows everyone there and some names of characters are after people who work there. (Dean the dog, there is a person who works there named Dean!) and they all knew her before the first book was published. Cool no? (um YES!)
When you walk in, you see this rack of books and it's all suggestions by the people who work there. What's nice is, once you get to know them and they get to know you, you can go to the shelf of the person you click with the most and know you will grab something up your alley.
My person is Anne (funny enough..) and recently she CALLED ME and told me she just read this book and knows I will love it and was going to set it aside for me.
When I walk in this store, and she is there or sees me, I am immediately handed no less than 3 books and he is smiling from ear to ear. I cannot walk out with less than 3. In fact yesterday, it was 4.
I know.It's a quaint store with little nooks all around for you to pop a squat and check out a book.I believe that chair is in the Sherlock Holmes section.
But my favorite day to go is on Sunday. Because Anne brings her Pugs!
The owner has a little fluffy dog that is there on weekdays, but the pugs are my pals. They are just so sweet.
I now have 4 books I need to get to.
And 2 or 3 waiting for me when I walk in the store again.
Probably next month. :)

Cars and Trains aren't friends

My dad has learned to text, which is nice. He is a conductor for the railroad and works wonky hours. This way, I can just text him when I want to say hi and he can call me when he is available.
But when I learned that my dad has now figured out how to text pictures, I was pretty surprised. Go dad!

I was not all that surprised when the picture he sent turned out to be a car that they had hit that day.
I called dad and asked him what was going on, making sure he was ok (not that i thought he was hurt but I can't imagine being on the train and just watching as you hit someone! there is nothing at all you can do about it. Trains don't stop on dimes.)
He said the guy either didn't see them or whatever and they hit him and he flew out the back window. Dad was pretty sure they had killed him, but when he walked back to the car, the guy was sitting up and looking around. By some miracle, he is just fine.

So, kids, BUCKLE up for goodness sakes - and don't play on the tracks.You might wonder, since my dad had to walk back to this accident and check it out, if he has killed people (or I really should say the train...) and had to see the results. Unfortunately, yes, he has been on the train at times of terrible, traumatic accidents. He is given time off, paid, and free counseling for as long as he needs it each time that happens. This hasn't happened since I was in the 2nd grade, which I am thankful for. Every time i read in the news about someone getting hit by a train, I cringe. My first though (selfishly) is that I hope my dad wasn't on that train. My very next thought if for the person or their family.

I didn't really intend to make this a public service announcement, but for goodness sakes, let's not try and "beat the train." It's fast, it's huge, and they absolutely cannot stop if you are on the tracks.

Buffett was a B-L-A-S-T

Although it was super hot, we had a good time. I will admit that Minute Maid was more fun and he played more songs that I loved, but I had a nice time at this one - even though I was stone cold SOBER.

Being pregnant was not on my list of things when we bought these tickets...

BUT, I can't complain about quick baby making!
Anyhow, cameras were prohibited but I used my phone to take a few photos:
The beach balls are already flying! There isn't anyone on stage yet... i got whacked in the head a few times!
Kelly kept telling everyone "She has a parrothead in her belly!!!"
It was a sold out show and it was nice and breezy when the sun went down.
But I don't know if I will go again when he is in the woodlands... I thought Minute Maid was such a great show!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Today is the DAY!

It's Jimmy Buffett Day!

I took a 1/2 day at work so we could get out there early and get a good spot on the lawn. I am finding out more and more people I know are going to be there, so it will certainly be a great time!

When I leave work I am going to head to Old Navy and look for some tropical inspired gear.
Something like this:

Or perhaps this:

The only problem is, alot of my pants/shorts aren't fitting so well these days and it's going to be HOT out there... i will have to make it work.

It's baby's first concert!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Life comes to a halt...

It seems like the minute we found out we are pregnant, life changed. It slowed to a crawl.
I can't get enought sleep. Thankfully I am not sick at all. But that is replaced by extreme fatigue and generally crankiness and headaches.

I am going to try and change that this weekend - however it is supposed to rain, which makes sleep that much more inviting!!

I need to buy some new pants (yes, already) and that may make me feel like going and doing more since I can actually breathe!

Right now we are starting the Day Care saga of having a child. Expensive and the waiting list is crazy.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Things I love

Everyone knows this one: Jimmy Buffett (hence the name of the blog)>

We have our next concert May 20th in the Woodlands. OOOOOh YEAH!

I also am looking forward to this:

I also really love this:

And these days I crave it all the time because of this:

My gummi bear (about the size of a large raspberry this week!)

Times, they are a'changin around our house!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Farmers Market

Yesterday, we actually did something that we have been saying we would do for over a year.
We got up and went to the Farmer's Market.

The one we tried was outside the restaurant T'afia. The chef of T'afia was recently on Top Chef Masters and we liked what she was all about. So after we ate breakfast and showered, we headed out to our first farmer's market.
This one, rather small I must say. But we did get a few yummy things.
We weren't there very long, but I am happy with everything we got!Mullberries, spinach, carrots, rice, strawberries, and gorgeous green onions!!
Tonight I am planning a chicken and rice meal to incorporate the onion and carrot. I will post that tomorrow!