Monday, May 31, 2010

New purchase.. another one

This week/end has been full of purchases.
Lee got a new speaker thing to play the ipod on outside.
I got an ice cream machine.
And now we ordered this for the living room:
We are those people who put our feet on the coffee table, and the one we have currently is really nice but has edges on it. This makes it (A) hard to clean and (B) hard to relax on as your feet fall asleep...
So, getting an actual ottoman as a coffee table fixes these issues. I already purchased a tray to put in the middle for drinks and such. I like that I can still put my basket of magazines and books I am reading (you know, the one's Anne hands me at MBTB) on that shelf and roll up blankets as well.
Now the purchasing can cease until it's nursery time. Then the real hemorrhage can begin!


Sabrina Bowen said... must be rich or something! ;)

Breann said...

Nope, just spending like we are! I think we know if we don't get the things we really want/need before baby, we won't get around to it!