Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Working from home...

Thanks to a recent upgrade to my computer at work (Windows 7 and Office 2007) - i can again work from home. This means I can sit on my sofa in my scottie dog pj pants and watch trash tv while working. I love it.
Here is a quick screen shot of what it looks like from home.It's pretty much like being at my desk. It lags a second or 2 but nothing too bad. Right now I am working on our laptop in the living room but it works from the desktop too (which is better because the screen is bigger...)
This is going to be helpful during the busy times when you really want to go home but have so much to do. It will also make things easier when I am 9 months huge pregnant and not wanting to sit at work all day... and with sick baby after day care germs hit... etc.

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