Friday, June 25, 2010

Hello Bump

Sunday I will be 16 weeks pregnant. I am trying so hard to not make this blog turn into the "oh Hi. I am pregnant and that is all i will talk about." But in all honesty, it does kind of take over your train of thought. You are either thinking about:
  • Food
  • Food you can't have (sushi!)
  • Margarita's (you can't have)
  • Food
  • What is going on inside your belly
  • What the sex of the baby is
  • What you will feel about the sex of the baby either way it goes
  • Food
  • Sleep
  • My clothes don't really fit...
So trying to blog about things when you are hungry but aren't having dinner for 2.5 more hours - need a healthy snack - have nothing to wear - and not sure if you look well fed or pregnant... it's hard!

Work is great. We are super freaking busy and need to hire someone. In the meantime, Boss #2 still thinks he can just throw things in your chair and they magically get accomplished. I wish we could hire a new pee-on to take the pressure off me..

Lee is awesome. He is kicking ass at work, excited about the baby, and all around just an awesome husband.

I honestly feel great. I get the "gags" now and then, get sleepy now and then, and there are some emotions, but I am happy otherwise.

This weekend we are super busy. Dinner tonight with Damon, Carlin, Ben, and Katie.
Shopping tomorrow for baby gifts and some clothes. The dinner with Jennifer and Dave to meet the new puppy - Nubo.
Sunday I have to drive to Richmond, a good hour south of here, for a Baby Shower for Carlin, then dinner with Ben, Katie, Melissa, and Brandon.
Then it will be Monday again.
Oy Vey.

Trying to get Lee to take a "bump photo" soon!

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