Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving squared

This year, we traveled to Palestine on Thanksgiving day and back in the same day - then had Thanksgiving again Friday evening at our house. It was nice to see everyone but also a little stressful as well.
After we ate on Thursday, it was time to put food into containers and get everything put away. Something we always make fun of grandma for is her constant accumulation of containers. She saves cool whip ones, butter, anything. I couldn't find her stash for a moment and then she said "look under the sink!" So when I did I found....
More containers than most people have. Ever. Also - don't think I am kidding when I tell you those measuring cups have been around since I was a child - and probably before...
Here are all the guys in the family. Lee looks thrilled to be taking a photo doesn't he?
From the left - Uncle Terry, Lee, Cody (friend of the family), Adam (Audrea's Husband), Josh (my cousin's half brother), Billy, Bryant, and PapaMe, Grandma, Sabre (Uncle Terry's wife) Justine (Bryan't girlfriend) Katelyn (Billy's kid) and Audrea. The girls are a little out numbered...
After picture taking, it was time to EAT!

I made the pumpkin pie and Sabre made a cherry pecan crumble and a pecan pie. Somehow, after eating, we managed to drive home without falling asleep!
For the second thanksgiving story - check out the foodie portion of my blog - here.

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Monopoly

Last night, after a yummy dinner, we played the new Monopoly City Streets. I had heard it had cooler buildings, but it was a pretty different game overall!You have totally different buildings, but the money is different (there is a 5million dollar bill rather than 500). In fact, instead of $1's, you get $10k. So it just makes it feel different. The pieces are different, the names on the board and general look of the board is different too.
Don won. but it was pretty close between him and Lee. Donald and I just scraped by with the ending time! Otherwise, unless someone landed on that one property you own that would put you back in the game.. we were toast!

Here is what the board looked like when we were done.And here is a birds eye view.
It's really fun and I highly suggest this for game night with your friends! As usual, you start to run out of pieces for buildings, but i am sure that could be worked out...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ooooh Pretty Shiney!

Lee got a new car on Saturday. Mainly because the Jetta was having lots of little (and one major) issues and we are still paying on it. No bueno!

So he now has a 2009 Acura TL - we got a manager demo at a GREAT price.

And it's black.
New car smell.

I am next, in May, since my Mini is leased. I am really excited and ready to get into something bigger that will take us a long time (with uno bambino)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Nutcracker Market

Today was annual (2nd annual) Nutcracker Market day. This is something that just about every woman in Houston likes to go to. It is a madhouse shopping experience for Christmas decor and gifts that comes every year. The layout is like this:
It is aisle's that you basically walk up and down looking both ways and getting bumped into over and over. I grabbed a few things that I went there for specifically. First, at the Round Top booth, I grabbed another popcorn garland, because I only got one last year and I love it.the cranberries are bells! It is made from metal and painted and has a little glitter for sparkle. I love it.
Then on to the Nutcracker booth. Last year I got a peppermint nutcracker, and there are 4 in the "set" so I got another this year. Next year, I might have to splurge and get the one with the cupcakes on his head!I got this exact one!
After wandering around awhile, I found the booth I got a sweater dress at last year. I didn't like the dresses they had this year but found an adorable 3-button wrap in a muted red. Could it get cold around here already so I can wear this ASAP?It basically has one button hole so the way you button it changes the style of wrap it is!
I had tried this amaretto-pecan-honey butter last year and that was on my list of "must have!"
I went ahead and grabbed a jar and I hope to serve it in the morning with breakfast.
Otherwise, I got a cute wreath hanger that has bells on it.

I am looking forward to decorating this year for sure! I got a lot more little stuff last year, and that might be my focus next year. I want to get there right when it opens next year because it was just TOO crowded at times.

All in all we had a great day shopping and now I am anxiously awaiting Lee to get on a plane and get HOME!
I better go fold that laundry...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Winter Hibernation

I seriously think that it is ingrained in us as human beings to eat more in the fall/winter as a way to stay warmer. Nevermind that it's Texas and we don't really get "cold" here. Maybe for 1 week.
Nevertheless, we eat like we have a 6 month cold snap, blizzards, and blackouts.

I am trying to counter-act this feeling of "oooooh FOOD!" by trying to have either a smoothie or soup for lunch every day, and then a small, well rounded dinner. yesterday I got the "Lean Body" medium smoothie at Smoothie King and I couldn't even really finish it. By dinner I was pretty hungry but I recognized that around 3 I should have snacked.

Today was soup and 1/2 sandwich.

Tonight is French Onion Soup which I made on Sunday for me to eat a few nights this week while Lee is in NY.

Speaking of - I am working on planning an office for FlightAware, a company I have not heard of previously. They not only have a great iPhone app for tracking flights, their website tracks ALL flights, no matter the carrier, and you get to see that nifty map to see where the plane is! So I got to watch Lee's flight progress along today!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Recently, talk of babies has entered the Nash household. Or, rather, I should say "baby" - because we don't want more than one child.
Anyway - after talking with all our friends - we have found we are the ONLY ones not either trying or have "pulled the goalie" to see what happens.

Tony and Tiffani - Trying
Carlin and Damon - Trying
Bethany and Bo - No goalie (and they haven't even been married a month!)
Kansas and Frankie - 3 kids. Yeah - they never had a goalie

Lee and I have discussed waiting at least another year to get our finances in order and finish stuff around the house. He knows I will need spending money on that nursery. It's a given.

I just don't know how to feel. Is it a "Why are we waiting?" thing?? Is it a "we still just aren't ready so another year or 2 is fine?"

Just the fact that Lee and I are even thinking about it is a huge step. We have always been "Anti-Kid!"

We'll see what happens!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Looky what I got!

*squeals like a child*
I am not off to make her Guacamole.


I realize I have not updated in awhile, but there isn't alot to say...
I really enjoy my Fridays off. It helps offset the less-money issue. I get stuff done like groceries, laundry, dusting, vet appointments, hair appointments - all this that helps make our weekends less stress!

We had enough trick or treaters to empty our candy bowl last night, so that's good! Here is our Vampire pumpkin!
I do want to note that I have always enjoyed movies/books with vampires and the like, way before it was this fad we have now. Just saying!