Friday, November 13, 2009

Nutcracker Market

Today was annual (2nd annual) Nutcracker Market day. This is something that just about every woman in Houston likes to go to. It is a madhouse shopping experience for Christmas decor and gifts that comes every year. The layout is like this:
It is aisle's that you basically walk up and down looking both ways and getting bumped into over and over. I grabbed a few things that I went there for specifically. First, at the Round Top booth, I grabbed another popcorn garland, because I only got one last year and I love it.the cranberries are bells! It is made from metal and painted and has a little glitter for sparkle. I love it.
Then on to the Nutcracker booth. Last year I got a peppermint nutcracker, and there are 4 in the "set" so I got another this year. Next year, I might have to splurge and get the one with the cupcakes on his head!I got this exact one!
After wandering around awhile, I found the booth I got a sweater dress at last year. I didn't like the dresses they had this year but found an adorable 3-button wrap in a muted red. Could it get cold around here already so I can wear this ASAP?It basically has one button hole so the way you button it changes the style of wrap it is!
I had tried this amaretto-pecan-honey butter last year and that was on my list of "must have!"
I went ahead and grabbed a jar and I hope to serve it in the morning with breakfast.
Otherwise, I got a cute wreath hanger that has bells on it.

I am looking forward to decorating this year for sure! I got a lot more little stuff last year, and that might be my focus next year. I want to get there right when it opens next year because it was just TOO crowded at times.

All in all we had a great day shopping and now I am anxiously awaiting Lee to get on a plane and get HOME!
I better go fold that laundry...

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