Monday, November 2, 2009


Recently, talk of babies has entered the Nash household. Or, rather, I should say "baby" - because we don't want more than one child.
Anyway - after talking with all our friends - we have found we are the ONLY ones not either trying or have "pulled the goalie" to see what happens.

Tony and Tiffani - Trying
Carlin and Damon - Trying
Bethany and Bo - No goalie (and they haven't even been married a month!)
Kansas and Frankie - 3 kids. Yeah - they never had a goalie

Lee and I have discussed waiting at least another year to get our finances in order and finish stuff around the house. He knows I will need spending money on that nursery. It's a given.

I just don't know how to feel. Is it a "Why are we waiting?" thing?? Is it a "we still just aren't ready so another year or 2 is fine?"

Just the fact that Lee and I are even thinking about it is a huge step. We have always been "Anti-Kid!"

We'll see what happens!


Matt & Alisha said...

congrats for the thoughts!!!

Two Party Planners said...

Wait you forgot Dave and me. We are a never. :) Congrats on whatever you decide. Keith and Thuy are in the trying box. She is in the 40 age category and may have waited past the prime.

Donald said...

Camp Bunny does babysitting as well as dog-sitting!