Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Winter Hibernation

I seriously think that it is ingrained in us as human beings to eat more in the fall/winter as a way to stay warmer. Nevermind that it's Texas and we don't really get "cold" here. Maybe for 1 week.
Nevertheless, we eat like we have a 6 month cold snap, blizzards, and blackouts.

I am trying to counter-act this feeling of "oooooh FOOD!" by trying to have either a smoothie or soup for lunch every day, and then a small, well rounded dinner. yesterday I got the "Lean Body" medium smoothie at Smoothie King and I couldn't even really finish it. By dinner I was pretty hungry but I recognized that around 3 I should have snacked.

Today was soup and 1/2 sandwich.

Tonight is French Onion Soup which I made on Sunday for me to eat a few nights this week while Lee is in NY.

Speaking of - I am working on planning an office for FlightAware, a company I have not heard of previously. They not only have a great iPhone app for tracking flights, their website tracks ALL flights, no matter the carrier, and you get to see that nifty map to see where the plane is! So I got to watch Lee's flight progress along today!


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Donald said...

That's pretty neat that out of the experience you not only got a client/work, but you found a new website & app that are "damn handy". :)