Friday, May 29, 2009

Food & Wine Week

This should probably be posted under the food blog, but I feel I have neglected my poor daily-life blog, so I am going to just ignore the rules...

Last night we made the trek out to the Woodlands for Food and Wine week. They shut down Market Street and had tables all down the street with food, wine, shopping. You also could go into most of the shops and try wine there.

If you have never been to Market Street in The Woodlands, it is wonderful! Shopping, food, entertainment. There was a live band in a little arena area playing while we walked around and sipped wine. We started out the night with Mojito's at Tommy Bahama Cafe (pictured right at the bottom of that photo). I love this place. We ate there in Hawaii and I fell in love. I feel like I am one step away from the beach when I am inside this store/cafe. The food is wonderful, the atmosphere is right up my alley, and the price is right. Best Mojito I have ever had, let me tell you.

There are only about 10 of the cafe's in existence and I love them. Lee bought a shirt and I admired about 3 dresses. We have a coupon for like 30% off later on in June, so we will go back!

My favorite store of the night - Sur La Table.It is like Williams Sonoma on crack. I actually liked it better and may wonder that way (there is one in River Oaks) on Saturday while Lee is at the bay.
They also had my favorite wine of the night, Geyser Peak. Lee loved their Chardonney and I enjoyed the Chardonney alot.

The whole thing was put on by H-E-B so you can find all the wines you tried and liked (or disliked - stay away from Hob Nob!) at the store.

If the Woodlands wasn't such a trek, I would live there. JUST so I could go to this shopping area and enjoy Mojito's on friday nights...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Uncle Bunny

A long time ago, I named Donald "Bunny" and that just seemed to stick. You know how you try to nickname someone and it just doesn't really work? This did. Even Lee calls him Bunny sometimes.

Anywhoo, to Lola and Teddy, Donald is "Uncle Bunny." (Pronounced "Unka.")

Unka Bunny watches them when we are out of town. He comes over to let them out if Lee and I can't get home after work for something. Unka Bunny loves the puppies.

Yesterday, I got home right about 6pm, 6:15ish. This working out thing is getting me home a little later than normal. Bunny was already here (Monday night dinner), partying with the puppies in the back yard.
That is Lola. That is Lola all the way around - look at that face!Bunny also took a rather lovely photo of the garden - he likes taking photos of still life. He's good at it too!Helloooo tomatooooooo...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spring Cleaning - Tech approach

Everyone gets that little bout of energy to clean the house for the Spring - starting over for the rest of the year.
I have already done that this year.
This weekend I focused on the computers.
We had almost 40 GB of music in iTunes. I started sifting through and found about 6GB of music that has magically appeared over the last few years. Lee doesn't listen to it, neither do i... I think Donald comes over here when we aren't home and just puts stuff on there to see if we notice.
Like the 6 Tori Amos albums... I don't even listen to her...

I also sifted through photos on iPhoto, and played with the new "Faces" feature. Took me almost an hour to delete and name, but it was worth it I think.

The iBook is trying to die and I don't know how much longer we can keep it alive. I am thinking about deleting alot of the programs off of there that we don't use and just having it for internet only. It's an idea...

I haven't blogged much lately because there really hasn't been much happening. I am working out almost everyday after work with Kyla. I was rather depressed on Monday after the physical trainer told me I was 145 pounds and 34% body fat. I want to be around 125 with a healthy BMI.

My high school reunion is in August, to I have that amount of time to lose about 20 pounds. I have lost about 4 in a little over a week. I think it was just water.

We had a nice lazy weekend, FINALLY! Slept until 9am (with interruptions by the puddies), then a 2 hour nap, then still in bed by midnight last night. I only left the house for Lilly's vet visit (she is great!), to pick up lunch, and to go to the store with Lee.

9am again this morning (with interruptions by the puddies). Lee went for a bike ride with Donald and Don and I played on the computer. I did a spin class on Friday and I am still sore from that.

I have done laundry and picked up around the house as well. I need to mop but it is rainy and the dogs will just undo the mopping. Maybe I can fit that in before we go to bed tonight.

That reminds me - I need to wash the sheets.

I am feeling really tired today and I don't know how to pin down why. We have just been running around crazy the past few weeks.

I am getting more and more afraid that I have been bitten with the baby bug. I have been around some new borns recently and the idea is growing on me.

However, until we can stop complaining that the dogs wake us up too early, I do not think we are ready!

I need to go to Palestine next weekend for the day to see folks. I really don't want to make that drive right now, but the longer I put it off the worse of a person I become.

All these thoughts are bouncing around in my head and I just don't feel 100% today. So if I am babbling on here, trying being inside my head.

But when it all comes down to it, I LOVE my husband and our life. Even when it is busy.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Priceless Photos

My blog name has much meaning behind it. You see, Jimmy Buffett, while fun and all, represents in me a connection with my childhood. My dad and I would listen to it, he would sing to me in the car (while hitting the brakes for the alligator in the road - I never saw it - but i always fell for it). After my parents divorce, Jimmy Buffett concerts turned into a Daddy and Bre thing. One time, even most of the family went (grandparents, cousins, mom and dad).
Anyway, I keep this picture on my nightstand becuase it really is one of my favorite photos of all time. My first Jimmy Buffett concert when I was about 7 years old.It is a little dirty and beat up, but it is such a special picture. This is 1987ish, and puff paint was all the rage. My mom made our t-shirts. Mine says "Little Miss Magic" and my mom's says "If the phone doesn't ring, it's me." and my dad's says "Growing older but not up." My dad lives by that motto. Little Miss Magic is the song my dad and I danced to at the wedding.

My dad kept his Mel Gibson Mullet well into the 90's. It was just kind of his style.Daddy daughter dances were all the rage in the 80's, or at least in Palestine. They were held at the YMCA and it was basically the dad's against the wall talking and the little girls dancing away. My dad was Mr. 80's I think....

This trip down memory lane began when I was digging in a drawer this morning and realized these photos were not scanned.

Here is a picture I have always liked.
And here is my senior year of high school. This is what happens when I cut my hair short..This was a Meg Ryan cut and I look a little lesbian-ish... Why has no one ever lectured me on lipstick? I was always the guys girl hippie. Didn't wear makeup unless I had a zit - and zits didn't plauge me until I was about 24 years old. Chapstick was about it. I haven't changed much but this is one of those cuts that didn't grow out well and has left me with a serious fear of cutting my hair short ever again.
I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Gift

I already posted the photo collage I sent to my mom, and she got it today and loves it!
Here is the one for my mother in law, Gail:
Forgive me. I cannot get a good picture of this with a point and shoot. Even with the flash off. UGH!

Left to right:
Laura, Gail, and Kelly
The whole fam at Laura's graduation
Laura and Kelly
Gail and Lee at our wedding
Gail and I at rehearsal dinner
Lee and I in Hawaii
Wedding Photo of Lee and I - specially requested by Gail and specially spruced up by Sara!!! THANK YOU!
Laura, Kelly, Lee, Gail, and Jackson at the wedding
Lee and I in Hawaii

I had to make one for me....
On our 3rd Cruise
The kids
At Buffett
At Jimmy's Birthday

As for my earlier post, when I do wear lipstick, it does seem to help...
I am just not into reapplying every 5 minutes...

Mothers Day and Celebrities

Wednesday night, Kyla and I went to a place in the Galleria called Intimacy Boutique. They advertise all the time about being able to fit you in just the right bra. The local radio station, KRBE was hosting a cupcake party and it sounded like fun!

I will tell you 2 things about this:
1. I was wearing the wrong size
2. I felt slightly violated at the end...

So you go in the changing room and the lady stands in there with you and says "ok so what's happening with your current bra" and etc. Then she said "ok take off your shirt" and I was thinking - ok. I can handle that. So I did and she starting tugging and pulling and pushing and showing me everything that was wrong with my bra!!
Then she said "Ok off with the bra" and I was like "um....she is still in here!!" So i said "I guess you see boobs all day huh?" and she said "Girl it is like looking at your hand."
I will say, she wasn't just standing there staring or anything. She was just grabbing bras and helping me fit the right one.

I tried on probably 10 bras, all awesome. She put me in a lacy see-through and I said "I am from East Texas, I don't wear see-through bras!" She found that pretty funny.

I got over the fact that she was seeing my boobs after about the second one, but every single time we would get a bra on she would say "That't hot!" I guess that was her sales strategy or something...

The best part of the night was that Roula was there! She is one of the DJ's on the morning show I listen to every day on the way to work. I talked with her for about 10 minutes and then Kyla took our picture.I am pale and should wear lipstick. My mother would kill me if she saw this photo!

For mother's day, I made my mom and Lee's mom a photo frame collage. My mom's was tricky because I had to mail it to Kansas! But I took a photo first:From left to right - Me and Amber - my stepsister
My mom and I on my wedding day
Me as a baby
Lee and I on the wedding day
Mom and I at Jimmy Buffett!
My step dad and I
Me in my tap uniform - maybe 6 years old?
Mom and I at Borders in the mall during her last visit
My grandparents, lee and I, and my mom and step dad at the wedding

I really like the photo of my mom and I at Borders:
Again - i see that i need lipstick. I just don't like it!

This weekend we are headed to Dallas for a wedding and then Mothers day on Sunday!

Monday, May 4, 2009

The turtle and the butterfly

Once upon a time, there was a turtle and a butterfly, and they both came to live at the Nash's.
Upon their arrival, they were immediately selected by the Schnauzers as playmates. Lola chose the butterfly and Teddy the turtle, which matched their personalities perfectly. Everyone played together happily....
But then, a fight broke out on who was going to play with whom, and it seemed Turtle was in high demand...
After much debate, the fight was settled. Butterfly was now playing with Teddy, and Turtle was happy playing with Lola.

For Now.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hanging out in the backyard...

Lee and I were laying in the hammock earlier and Lola hopped in my lap. I got a few shots of my happy girl...
Then I looked over and saw Mr. Ted:They just love being outside!