Saturday, May 9, 2009

Priceless Photos

My blog name has much meaning behind it. You see, Jimmy Buffett, while fun and all, represents in me a connection with my childhood. My dad and I would listen to it, he would sing to me in the car (while hitting the brakes for the alligator in the road - I never saw it - but i always fell for it). After my parents divorce, Jimmy Buffett concerts turned into a Daddy and Bre thing. One time, even most of the family went (grandparents, cousins, mom and dad).
Anyway, I keep this picture on my nightstand becuase it really is one of my favorite photos of all time. My first Jimmy Buffett concert when I was about 7 years old.It is a little dirty and beat up, but it is such a special picture. This is 1987ish, and puff paint was all the rage. My mom made our t-shirts. Mine says "Little Miss Magic" and my mom's says "If the phone doesn't ring, it's me." and my dad's says "Growing older but not up." My dad lives by that motto. Little Miss Magic is the song my dad and I danced to at the wedding.

My dad kept his Mel Gibson Mullet well into the 90's. It was just kind of his style.Daddy daughter dances were all the rage in the 80's, or at least in Palestine. They were held at the YMCA and it was basically the dad's against the wall talking and the little girls dancing away. My dad was Mr. 80's I think....

This trip down memory lane began when I was digging in a drawer this morning and realized these photos were not scanned.

Here is a picture I have always liked.
And here is my senior year of high school. This is what happens when I cut my hair short..This was a Meg Ryan cut and I look a little lesbian-ish... Why has no one ever lectured me on lipstick? I was always the guys girl hippie. Didn't wear makeup unless I had a zit - and zits didn't plauge me until I was about 24 years old. Chapstick was about it. I haven't changed much but this is one of those cuts that didn't grow out well and has left me with a serious fear of cutting my hair short ever again.
I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane.


The Riddle Family said...

Love the photos! I like the short hair cut, I think a bob would be very chic on you!

I was the exact same way - I hardly ever wore makeup in high school. Maybe some mascara and cheap concealer to cover the occasional zit. Didn't really learn that how to do that stuff (right) until I was in college...

Kimberly said...

Love walks down memory lane like this!

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

Great pictures! And I really do like your haircut. I'm a lot like you...I don't wear much makeup, never wear lipstick. Am just a tomboy through and through. I'm sure my hubby gets sick of the ponytail and "natural" look. Glad to know the story behind the name of your blog!