Friday, May 8, 2009

Mothers Day and Celebrities

Wednesday night, Kyla and I went to a place in the Galleria called Intimacy Boutique. They advertise all the time about being able to fit you in just the right bra. The local radio station, KRBE was hosting a cupcake party and it sounded like fun!

I will tell you 2 things about this:
1. I was wearing the wrong size
2. I felt slightly violated at the end...

So you go in the changing room and the lady stands in there with you and says "ok so what's happening with your current bra" and etc. Then she said "ok take off your shirt" and I was thinking - ok. I can handle that. So I did and she starting tugging and pulling and pushing and showing me everything that was wrong with my bra!!
Then she said "Ok off with the bra" and I was like "um....she is still in here!!" So i said "I guess you see boobs all day huh?" and she said "Girl it is like looking at your hand."
I will say, she wasn't just standing there staring or anything. She was just grabbing bras and helping me fit the right one.

I tried on probably 10 bras, all awesome. She put me in a lacy see-through and I said "I am from East Texas, I don't wear see-through bras!" She found that pretty funny.

I got over the fact that she was seeing my boobs after about the second one, but every single time we would get a bra on she would say "That't hot!" I guess that was her sales strategy or something...

The best part of the night was that Roula was there! She is one of the DJ's on the morning show I listen to every day on the way to work. I talked with her for about 10 minutes and then Kyla took our picture.I am pale and should wear lipstick. My mother would kill me if she saw this photo!

For mother's day, I made my mom and Lee's mom a photo frame collage. My mom's was tricky because I had to mail it to Kansas! But I took a photo first:From left to right - Me and Amber - my stepsister
My mom and I on my wedding day
Me as a baby
Lee and I on the wedding day
Mom and I at Jimmy Buffett!
My step dad and I
Me in my tap uniform - maybe 6 years old?
Mom and I at Borders in the mall during her last visit
My grandparents, lee and I, and my mom and step dad at the wedding

I really like the photo of my mom and I at Borders:
Again - i see that i need lipstick. I just don't like it!

This weekend we are headed to Dallas for a wedding and then Mothers day on Sunday!

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